From Pops on the Porch to Pops in the Shop
For a while I had been writing a blog called pops on the porch. In which, I have expressed my opinion or thoughts on a variety of subjects. Lately, I have been watching some videos of my son, Sean, as he speaks to live audiences and virtual audiences. He is an excellent speaker which reminded me of the time when I thought I was an good speaker. When I first retired I tried to write a book and then I started this blog. Each event was for me to move on in life.
I have enjoyed putting my thoughts out there for others to look at. But, as I look around my environment I see if there is more information being passed on by the use of videos. The first of those was UTUBE. From there I noticed I large host of apps many other ways to communicate. I just learned about a app called TIK TOK. It is not new but to me it is new. This got me thinking that it’s time for me to change the way that I put my thoughts out.
So, I’m going to play around with making videos. Then as I know my family thinks that it’s appropriate, I will go out into the world, maybe by using TIK Tok. I might just use some other kind of social media.
In doing this I will change my title is from Pops on the Porch to Pops in the Shop. There’s an obvious reason for this change. First, I moved from the 15 acre tree farm that had a house with a porch on it, to a house in a gated community that does not have a porch. It does have a very nice shop. So now I set at a desk that I made in front of a window at the shop and put out my thoughts. It wasn’t until I saw a video of my son explaining what a webinar was and how to create one, that I thought of using a video to put out my thoughts. Being inside rather than on the porch, is a lot nicer environment. I have a refrigerator next to me, a coffee machine and I have an egg station. Yes, I am trying to my own eggs in the morning at the shop rather than wake up my wife of as I rattle around in the kitchen of our house to make eggs.
Like most old men, I find myself in a foreign environment and I have no idea how to adapt. That does not mean that I will not try. Even as I look at the screen and at my computer and the format of how to make a video I remind myself that this is a way of me getting my thought out there.
I’m going to ask for help from my sons and for my grandchildren. Who better to help coach me through the social media trends then those young minds that have not only accepted the procedures but they easily use them.
I will continue to get some sort of a review for my wife before I put things out. She is a straightforward and honest person that will try to keep me from embarrassing myself in public. Using a video to get my thoughts out helps me. As you probably know I’m not very good and spelling or using the proper tenths of a word. By using a video to put out my thoughts, I would do not have to worry about spelling or the proper use of a word. I also get to use some facial expressions in the videos. Yes, I do realize that that’s probably not a positive thing, but it’s a more realistic representation of who I am.
So, I’m going to add a lake to this blog say you can see where my first attempts of using a video. It is sort an unrehearsed. But it is my first attempt.
Pops below is the video address


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