Today starts off like many other days. I woke up at 5:00 AM. This habit of waking up at 5:00 AM started when I was about 60 years old. Before that it was all I could do to get out by 9:00. It’s strange on how you thought retirement would be like, you know like sleep until noon. And then when you get to that age your body wakes up at O’dark 30. After waking up and turning on the TV in the living room, you know so I donot wake up my wife. I usually stumble over to the kitchen area turn on the old coffee pot and prepare another cup to be filled with black coffee and now that I have gotten older a little bit a white milk. At one time in my life I would go to the front door and look to see if the newspaper had arrived and then slowly and deliberately go through each page and decide if any article was worth reading. I would look forward to Sunday when the funnies came out. Today I turn on the television and scanned the different channels to see if I want to watch the news, look at a DYI station or watch last night football.
Today, I will walked out of the house down to the shop, and now that its fall I have to turn on the lights to be able to see what’s going on. Now I have a gritle that I used to make eggs. That’s right, I’ve finally try to learn how to cook for myself in the morning. And to do it without waking my wife up I have what I call an eggstation down at the shop. I will look around and all the different projects that are in their different stages of completion and pick one to work on for the day.
Today is Saturday which means I will be watching some college football. I have a large screen TV in the shop so I’m able to turn on the game and work on my projects of the same time. During the time I’m working on my projects I will walk over to my refrigerator and pull out a Gatorade.
Today I will try to get my 2 mile walk in and then find some reason to ride on my tractor. I will clean up the mess that was left by the fire pit that I sat next to my wife last night. I will grab the garden hose and water the plants around a shop in next to the house. Then on to find a way to gathered up the garden hose in one place so does the stretch out across the lawn.
Today I will contemplate washing the truck both inside and out. And I will start a new project on making more Christmas lawn decoration. We currently have a Dr. Seuss theme going on so I will have to come up with another ideal for a cut out.
Today I will think about my family, all of my children and my children’s children. Of course I mean my grandchildren. I will think about many of my relatives. Like my brother laws who have been out in Iowa hunting, they put out some pictures of themselves and I must admit that both looking pretty good as they’ve gotten older.
You might be wondering why I’m going through all of the items of today? Well, it is because today I will miss my dog Grady. Grady was about nine years old, he was a black mouth Curr. I enjoyed every day that I would wake up and my dog Grady would also wake up and follow me around anywhere that I went. He was always anxious to be petted and thankful for all that treats that he would get during the day. Truly he was a loyal dog. He would look at me with his big brown eyes and somehow be able to tell you how he felt. He was a friend that I will miss. Grady developed developed a cancerous tumor and was suffering. I sat next to him and held him while the the veterinarian doctor put him to sleep.
Today, I woke up and started my same routine. But there was no Grady to share my morning routine. Today there is no Grady to be my loyal companion and friend. And although I know he’s gone I also know he will no longer feel the pain and distress of his illness. I believe Grady had a great life in this family.
Today I woke up believing I will feeling a little less of the pain and sorrow, I mention all this in my blog because I know there those out there had the same experience of losing a pet, family member. But as part of my grieving I needed to put this thought out in my blog.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As I go oe I will remember all those people that I’ve lost which now includes my dog Grady. Pops

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  1. We are sad for you Dad. Our house is full of dogs and cats and always has been. Losing one has always been tough. I too have held one as he passed into painless sleep. Sadness and relief. What a great life you and Grady shared.

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