How long do I wait

How long do I wait?
I have not put out a blog in sometime because I was waiting for the results of the 2020 national, state and local elections. I thought that by the middle of November all the races would have been ove, and the next group of political leaders would be in place. Well, not this year. I did not want to make any statements about the political scene. But, here it is the middle of November and there is no certainty of when it all will end.
I am happy that there are no more political ads being broadcast on the television. So, this brings me to the thought of the day. How long do I wait before I can use my blog to discuss thoughts of the many topics that are on my mind. Well, today seems like a good day.
As far as the election goes, I’ve done my part by voting. There’s nothing that I can do to change anything in the process of the election. So, let me put out some thoughts on the issues that are in my world.
First, the Covid virus dominates the places that I can go to and the lifestyle that I can live in. Like most people, I am tired of being afraid to go out and do things that I used to be able to do. If I listen to all of the so-called experts, I should just stay in my house and wear a mask everywhere. I have tried to stay out of the public places by using the different services of afforded to me. I use a service to have the grocers deliver to my house. I shop on Amazon and others so they can deliver the goods to my house. And when they deliver the goods to my house they only get as far as my garage, I have a golf cart setup so that they can place the groceries or the packages on the back of the golf cart, after the goods are placed on a cart then I can go and either sanitize the package in place or take it to my kitchen with great care. I would’ve never believed that I would worry about small children passing the virus to me and therefore making me nervous when I am engaged by the children or their parents (Holloween).
Second, it’s time to get ready for Christmas. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But if I follow all the policies being put out, it doesn’t seem like there will be any gatherings at the house or at any other relatives house. Thanksgiving will be a very private and segregated event for at least this year. So, do I just sat around and do nothing? No, it’s time to get ready for the Christmas display of lights and Christmas characters on the lawn.
Even in my small neighborhood, I noticed neighbors putting up lights preparing the area with the extension cords and ladders in an effort to get their house ready to display the Christmas spirit. I know, there’s some of you that feel that Christmas has been too commercialized. I do not see it that way, it brings a smile to my face and some joy to my heart when I see the brightly decorated lawns and homes that are there in a celebration of the season.
Even as a religious event, the additional importance of celebrating Christmas can be seen in the displays at the homes and the businesses. You do not have to be a large crowd to enjoy a Christmas display. Just as a single individual or a household family you can look out along the neighborhood or in the business areas and see the brightly colored lights and the Christmas displays. I know there are some of you to say humbug, it is silly to do all that work only to take it down later. I think it is worth the effort.
I think that no matter what kind of display that is presented near you, you should see it as a positive and a good effort to bring some happiness to your world. There is no need to wear a mask when looking at the lights and displays. And if you wanna get a good view you’re already socially distance from the lights. Even if you cannot afford to do a display yourself, you should go and enjoy the lighting displays around you. I will bet that the person who put up the displays and lights will feel good that you are enjoying their effort.
I know you may not have the money to do lights or displays. But in its own way the display of lights and Christmas characters is a gift to give everybody. You do not have to believe in the religious aspects, but you should enjoy the human effort of the celebration of Christmas.
I do want to mention all of the many companies that worked so hard to deliver the goods to my house. Beginning with the postal worker, the person that delivers food from a local restaurants, the people that deliver the groceries to my house, and for sure FedEx and UPS.
Even though I don’t know what is coming to my house, I do get a big smile my face when I see the postal worker, FedEx or UPS stop at my driveway or walk up to my garage to deliver a package.
So, how long do I wait to get back to living and enjoying my life. I’m not gonna wait any longer. I’m going to enjoy the holidays to the best of my ability. I’m going to enjoy it looking at the photos of my children and my grandchildren when they show up on my Ipad. I willing to enjoy all the holiday songs until is close to the event and I will want to listen to different music. Even though I do not like the cold weather, I’m going to enjoy sitting around the little fire pit that I have. Even though I probably will not do any fishing during the cold winter months. I will have fun looking for fishing equipment. And even though I’m not traveling to family or friends homes, I am willing to enjoy using face time on my phone and computer.
How long do I wait to see who my elected officials are? I donot know, I did my part and you probably did your part too. Like every other election before it, time will go on in the next thing you know they’ll be another election coming up.
Do not wait to enjoy what is already out there, it may take some new methods and some more effort but I think that the holidays can provide you the opportunity to go out and enjoy life again.
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  1. You are right. There are plenty of things to enjoy and celebrate, even in these strange times we find ourselves in. As American citizens, I think we have all had an opportunity to see how quickly our freedom filled lives can be affected by things totally out of our control. So enjoy those freedoms and respect the freedom of those around you.

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