Where are the funnies.
Good morning America, it has been some time since I put out a story on my blog. In the past year I’ve gone through a triple bypass heart surgery and the removal of my gallbladder after it exploded in my body. I have gone from a state of complete weakness where I could not even stand on my own 2 feet, to walking over 2 miles a day to keep my heart strong.
Today I wake into an overcast foggy morning which supplies the ground cover with water, so I do not have to the turn on the sprinklers today. It is also in just six days before the national election. It’s that time the year we just don’t wanna watch television because of all the political ads they keep running over and over and over again. I find myself searching through the many other channels that are provided by my Dish programming guide. I think that I’ve gone through all the home improvement channels and into all the history channel and finished up with all of the national geographic channels.
I find myself watching some old reruns of the many car repair and restoration shows. I even started looking at some of the food channel shows. The television offers me hundreds of channels usually of shows that I really don’t like but I watched this rather than regular national TV channels.
I don’t no about you and you basically don’t know anything about me but I believe that we’re all tired of the usual chaos that surrounds a national election. Many seniors like myself had already made up our minds by the time early voting was available. Usually at the start of the day I will watch the local news. Mostly, to get the weather report for the day. But even during those local shows the commercials are almost totally about political candidates. For long as I’ve been a voter I find it each year the national election brings out the most obscure political ads. Although, when I was first of age to vote their only three or four channels that my television would get. But, even then right before the national election there was almost nothing but political ads running all day.
In those days I put a lot of faith into the reporters of the national broadcasting stations. Someone like Walter Cronkite. Today, I find it depends on what channel you watch the broadcasters seem to be prejudiced for one side or the other.
I think it’s because the news broadcasting companies became so strong and influential in the past elections that they almost feel that they control the political agendas. Four years ago, when all the channels had predicted a democratic candidate as the winner before the votes were counted the news broadcasters reigns supreme in their influence over the voter. Now, with social media that major broadcasting stations have found they have loss there influence. That does not mean that they still don’t try to almost bully their listening audience into voting for one side or the other.
In earlier times I would pick up the newspaper to see what happens in the world and in my neighborhood. And then if I want to get somebody’s opinion about a certain candidate or local issue i would go to the sections devoted just for reporters or editors opinion. It gave me an opportunity to read it and read it or throw it away. Now, I’m more likely to grab my Ipad or my phone and put in a search word and receive whatever information is available. Unfortunately, the same powerful editors and reporters dominate those devices. Many times I would go to the papers funnies and not read anything else.
So, the question is what do you do? You can stop watching public television or cable television. You can be selective as to the social media sites that you visit. I think some people would rather just pick the one on in their own little circle of family and friends. Even if you decide to watch a certain news station is not hard to quickly see which side of the political aisle that station supports. Recently, I watched the news broadcaster explain how she was so proud that her reporting was correct and unbias. Remarkably, the reason I quit watching her network and the shows she’s had been on is because her hatred for the president just showed through her eyes every time she spoke about a story concerning him.
So, again what to do? For me, I voted early and when I’m not outside trying to handle many of life’s pleasures and problems I search through the many channels to fine something that I can watch that is not some sort of negative view of one of our political candidate. I like fishing where the only thing I’m thinking about is was that tug on the line was from a fish or did I just run across to limb on the bottom of the lake. I go to my shop, and I turn on the radio when I listen to a variety of different styles of music. If it’s a public radio station, I once again find that it is full of political ads. So I go to the Siirus channels and pick my flavor form of music for the day while I spend time trying to make something out of nothing. You know, try to make some kind of furniture of the wood I have available or try and redo the lighting system on my trailer.
my blog today is about what you do during a national election year, close to voting time to keep away from all the negative and hostile television, print material and airways that fill my environment.
I encourage you to come up with your own answer. But it is time that you should start looking at alternative ways to fill your time of day. If you’re fortunate enough to have a job, try to make that job environments focused on the goals of the company. Fill the work time with goals that will keep you busy. Then, when you go home, fine time with your family. Get involved in whenever the kids are about. Try to find a common time of the day to share with your spouse. I’m sure there is a so-called honey do list that can be looked at.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t care about politics or country and I think you should look at the candidates and issues and then take time to vote. But don’t let the process drag your into weeks or months of the negative environment leading up to the election. If you’re one of those kind of people that has a tough time making a choice, dedicate a small amount of time to researching those candidates and issues and then go vote. But don’t get so involved in the election process that it dominates your time. My thought is, don’t get obsessive about what is being said by people you don’t even know.
Our country allows us the freedom to have an opinion and be able to express it. I like many other Americans fought in a war for the concept of freedom of opinion. So, have an opinion and if you want too, express your opinion. But don’t become obsessed with all the news channels, social media or for the material that is about other people’s opinion.
So back to the question, what you do? Well, do not go out into the streets and destroy the local businessmen and women’s buildings or burn the car of somebody that you don’t know. I cannot agree that it’s OK for you to riot in the street and when things get tough to call for the police, when they arrived you start attacking the police. I think that some of those rioters want to blame the police for all their problems in life. I will go back to the thought that you try to find some way to survive the national political process without going wild or negative.
Once again, I feel lucky to be able to express my opinion to those of you read this blog. I really feel lucky to be healthy enough to stand on my own two legs and enjoy those people of things around me.
Where are the funnies?
Till the next time, this is Pops on the porch.

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