The party is canceled

This weekend there was going to be a birthday party at the house. Our son and his girlfriend were scheduled to come to our house to celebrate his birthday. Then, they received the news that a family member whose children goes to the same school as their children, had contracted the coronavirus.
This virus is so powerful that it is cause countries to basically shut down. It is cause our country to stop travel from Europe, China will and other countries. It is canceled the NBA season and made March madness a contest that there will be no fans at the event. It is cause the stock market to go crazy. It is caused many cities set up medical tents outside the hospitals and clinics.
In the case of the party at my house it was an easy decision for me and my wife to make to cancel the party. I’m 72 years old and I have several underlying health issues including one with my heart. Did we think this several weeks ago, that the coronavirus would reach out and even touch us here in rural Texas.
The party is canceled many living on this earth. I realized that the coronavirus can be handled by the young and their parents, but it is a deadly serious virus for senior citizens like me. It seems like in the beginning, countries dismissed the seriousness of such a virus. But now, it really is almost completely closed down countries. China is slowly discovering less cases while European nations are just beginning to exploded with new cases. I know that not everyone who contracts this virus is going to die. But there are some lasting effects for those adults who do survive.
The party is canceled due to something we cannot even see. In my lifetime I have seen many diseases attack the population of the earth. And the word pandemic was thrown around in an effort to get people’s attention. And so when the news first came out from China that this could be a pandemic situation I didn’t really take it seriously. I certainly didn’t think it would reach out and touch me at my house. No, I do not have the virus. But I am somewhat self quarantined as I live out in the rural area and I do not attend any events. I am even concerned about going to the store or shaking the hand of anyone that I meet. I have become somewhat paranoid and totally distracted by the coronavirus. It is unsettling to watch country shutdown and to watch my president setting up facilities to handle massive amounts of virus patients.
I realize that there will come a time when this virus runs its course and we will all be able to get back to living our lives. In the meantime, as the stock market and becomes super erratic and the shelves of the stores become bare,would you have thought that a virus would effect everyone and everything and would make it so that people don’t want to go to work or go to a sporting event or even shake the hand of their neighbor. This virus is unique in the fact that it takes several weeks for it to show up after you have contacted it.
I also imagine that there will be several different coronavirus strains that will emerge and cause us more fear. But I also believe that we will muddle through this virus as we’ve done others. The world scientists will find a way tor control or eradicate this virus. But in the meantime, this virus that started in China has reached out all the way to my house in Texas. And although no one near to me or my wife or any of my neighbors or as far as I know, anyone in a 25 mile radius even has the virus. But here I am washing my hands and trying to find ways not to go out.
If there’s any upside to this virus besides everyone starting to use better sanitation practices, it is the fact that the Internet has made it so I don’t have to go to the store I don’t have to go to the shops I can shop right from my house. Currently, there are services that can be used that keep me from going out. For example, there is a service that will shop at my local food store and pick up the goods that I asked them to pick up and they were delivered to my house. Currently, I have the delivery person place all the packages on the back of a golf cart that is in the garage.My wife or I clean and sanitize all the packages before picking them up and bring them into our house.. Many stores have a service that allows you to drive up to their store and one of their employees will bring out the goods and placed them in your car. Once again you get home and clean, sanitize the goods delivered and the area of the carthe good were in. Luckily, I can pay my bills on the Internet and I get my paycheck via the Internet. All of this means that it is possible to live in a self imposed quarantine environment and continue to survive. This is not to say that you will not have to still come into contact with human beings.
Because of the delay in knowing if you have virus I’m very concerned about the children and their families will go back to school. Most of us know that the school the place where a cold, viruses and bacterias seem to go from one family to another. There are many grandparents who take care of the families children and they now become super exposed to any virus.
Maybe the future will lead to more Internet based education using video confrencing. I do not see any way to have any organized groups whether it be sports or academic that will be able to exist without contact with each other. But I do think that we can take the experiences of using the Internet to educate and inform to a new level.
Hopefully, within a month or two all this will be behind us. Stock market will settle down, the schools will reopen and sporting events will again be a place of mass gatherings. In the meantime, I will be washing my hands all the time and I will avoid trying to come into contact with anyone closer than 6 feet. I feel really bad that the party is canceled and I was one of the main reasons that it was canceled, due to my age and physical health. And so today, the party is canceled. But there will be another time and there will be another party. Hopefully, somehow some good will come out of this experience.
I would love to end this blog by saying “PARTY ON” but instead I am going to tell you to listen to the doctors and know that it could happen to you and your family and your neighborhood. So give up some of your pleasures and work hard on keeping you and your family safe. Pops

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  1. Some positives I hope to see from this national experience:
    – Consider this a trial run at the national, state and local levels for a pandemic. I do not recall anything like this is my lifetime. Lessons will be learned and we will be better prepared. This will happen again and as we have seen, it may start in a place we have zero control over.
    – Perhaps people will get back better personal hygiene on a daily basis.
    – Perhaps people will take prepping and personal responsibility a little more seriously.
    – Perhaps people will reengage with each other to help and support those less fortunate.

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