A muddy mess

Have you ever looked at something you done before and decided to try to make it better. I have recently found myself in a muddy mess. There been several times in my life when I have decided to make something better than it currently was. I have a large front yard which comes close to the road, it dips down a little bit and then up a little bit that creates a path for water runoff. This last year as this area has received a lot of rain. I noticed that the water continued to build up and not drain off. When I went to mow the lawn I left a deep muddy tracks created by my lawn mower as I pushed through the water soaked area.
So in the middle of winter I decided to fill in the area is some dirt and tried to adjust the dirt so that all the water would drain naturally downhill. So I got on my tractor and I scooped a bucket of dirt on the area that had standing water. I continue to do this for some 200 feet. As I placed the dirt on the water I noticed that the wheels of the tractor created some imprints. I basically was making a bigger muddy mess. But undeterred, I kept working on the dirt. I tried smoothing it out from one side and then smoothing it out from the other side. Not thinking about the sprinkler system that was already in the ground. I drove my tractor back and forth up and down through the entire area. This created an even bigger muddy mess. Thank goodness the tractors four-wheel-drive, because there were several times as I got into that muddy mass the tires would sink and it was hard to get out of the mess. After a couple days of sunshine I thought I might be able to work on it again and really straight out some of the mud so it didn’t look so bad. I realize that my tractor had run over several of the inground sprinklers and that when I turn the sprinklers on I could tell that I caused damage. Now I have this long muddy watery trench going along the front on my property. When driving on the street coming home,it is really noticeable. Somehow, I’ve gone from a small build up of water to a large muddy trench. I even tried bringing out a smaller lawn tractor with a blade on it and I quickly got it stuck in the muddy mess. Luckily, I pulled it out of my big tractor. I’m sure look pretty funny watching me get a big tractor to pull out a small lawn tractor from the muddy mess. I didn’t learn anything from that event as I got a secondary later lawn tractor and tried to compress the soil. It only took a few minutes before I got that tractor stuck in the muddy mess. I spoke to my neighbor who quickly told me that I would have to wait until all the ground would dry up before I would be able to work on that area. I needed to let the muddy mess dry out by itself. I am not accustomed to giving up or to stop trying to fix things. But after several fun minutes in the muddy mess and looking at the beautiful (not beautiful) mess I had made in the front of my house, I’m gonna let it dry out itself.
In relating the story I realized that there been a lot of other things that I’ve tried to fix or make better when it came to my relationships with people. I’m sure you know what I mean, when it seems that somebody in the family who is having problems with the relationship and you decide to give them some advice. Meaning well, I have on occasions blurted out my advice on life to someone who was having some difficulties. There’s been more than one time, that my advice and my attention only made things worse. Maybe it’s because the person tell me the story didn’t give me all the information. Maybe it’s because there were other outside factors that the person didn’t know about. Or maybe it’s because I stuck my nose in somebody else’s business and the best thing for me to do would have been just to listen and keep my advice to myself. Sometimes I think that when I give advice or give my opinion on something I quickly had gone from a small water problem to a muddy mess.
Even when my intentions are only meant to be good, my actions end up in the bad category. Sometimes it’s just meant to be. For example, I might tell somebody they look good today only to hear them respond; does that mean I didn’t look good yesterday. Or even worse, I might look at somebody who was begging on the street corner and say something like I don:d see why they can get a job. Then I find out that that person just got fired from a job and an iillness in his family , has caused them to try anything possible to keep the family in food and shelter. I suppose that what I described goes under the heading of putting my foot in my own mouth. But for this blog I put it under making a muddy mess.
I want to have an opinion and be able to state my opinion. But I’ve got a find a better way of being more aware, not only in my surroundings but the weight of what I say. Someone else might say that a family member was short and their clothes make them look overweight. But if I say that, the weight of who I am in my relationship to that person it can really hurt. You can’t just shrug it off by saying something like, I was only kidding. Even if you don’t have any connection with someone there are things that you say that cannot be taken back.
So what happens when you make a muddy mess. My thought for today is that you recognize that you make the muddy mess. Then you think about if you should respond to the mess or allow the mess to dry. When I talk about muddy mess I see it as a temporary condition. And how I respond to that muddy mess can make things better or worse.
So good luck with your muddy mess I thought is take time to review it and take care and responding or not responding to it. Pops

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  1. When I read this it made me think a bit…
    In our younger years I would say we both made a lot of muddy messes. But as we have grown and experienced the good and the bad of it, we have become more patient and supportive.
    I know that we don’t take things as serious now and that we focus on enjoying life and showing how much we care for others.
    I also believe we are who we are for many reasons and that making a mess whether it be in a relationship with others or working on improving a project, it is who we are and others love us for who we are and that we still keep on keeping on….
    Our hearts are always in the right place.

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