Finally, after almost a half a year of being in and out of the hospital or doctor’s office, I got to go fishing. In preparation for my fishing trip, I worked on the wiring of my boat trailer. It took me two days to get it right. Of course I used the Internet. And what seemed to be a very easy operation caused me to yell out,” come on”or other such verbiage, frequently.
But the morning came with a weather report that showed it would be sunny and almost 60°. So I hooked up the trailer to the truck and I went into the house and collected a bag full of food and drink. Before leaving the house I once again checked the lights to make sure they worked, and I was sent off with the blessing of my wife to have a good day.
As I travel to the lake and I was driving the winding country roads that lead to it, I was inspired by the beauty around me and the fact there was almost no traffic. Not where I live now I might past four or five vehicles who are headed in the other direction on my 40 minute drive. This is truly different than when I drove the freeways of Los Angeles back and forth to work.
Upon arrival at the boat ramp on the lake I noticed there were only four or five vehicles there. Verifying to me, that picking a Tuesday morning was a good time to go fishing. There was only one vehicle ahead of me in line to lunch their boat. It was a guy in his 30s, attired and what I found out to be a brand-new set of waders. He was pulling his 19 foot long bass boat with his brand-new Chevy truck. It did not take him long to unload his boat and pulled into the parking spot. I was up next so I started to position my truck and boat trailer so I could unload my boat. For those of you that have a boat you know that there a lot of iems you have to take care of before launching the boat. The most important one is to put the plug in the back of the transit. I don’t know what it was about me that caused this young man to walk up to me and asked if I needed any help. He offered to back my truck and trailer into the water as I sat in the boat and then powered it off the trailer. If I do this alone it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for me to back the boat into the water, release it from the trailer and then with a long line attached to the bow of the boat I pulled the boat up onto the shore. Then I go back to the ramp and get into my truck and take it to a parking spot.
As the young man walked back after taking my truck and trailer, parking it and then bring the keys back to me ,stating that he had locked the truck. That’s when I thought that people in this part of Texas are really good and kind people. While waiting to proceed onto the Lake I had a conversation with the young man. I thanked him for helping me and he asked if there was anything else he could do. I found out that he was a local paramedic and that he was gonna go fishing for a few hours before he had to go home and pick up his daughters from school. I thought again, what good and kind people are in this part of Texas . As the day went on and I got to drive my boat on the lake, throw my line out to catch a fish in thinking of nothing else but fishing. That’s what happens when I fish, I don’t think about anything else, I don’t worry about the world or anything other than that small tough on theline that means is a fish waiting to meet me.
As I finished my day fishing I pulled into the shore at the boat ramp and was got ready to prepare loading my boat. As fate would have it, that same young man was pulling in from his fishing day. We talked again for a while and I told him to go and load up his stuff because it is probably not take some time for me to load my boat as I have rearranged the trailer situation plus I have not done it in a while. The young man quickly loaded up his boat and moved it out of the way so I could get my truck in line and load my boat. I did experience some trouble getting it on the trailer. Once again, the young man came down to offer his assistance. I know that he could’ve just hooked up his trailer and headed on out. Once again this kind man offered to help this old man. I did get the boat on the trailer and after some time i got everything tied down, I headed home.
This brings me to the thought of the day. It just seems to me that the people here in this part of Texas, are good and kind people. There many times when I go to the store or I am working out side, people ask if they can help me. Another good example is that when I was in the hospital my neighbors took care 0f my lawn and once I was home they came by to ask if there’s anything else they could do. This was truly amazing to me. I’ve only been in this neighborhood for a few months when I went to the hospital. I know that I’ve mentioned before how friendly and open the people seem to be here in this part of Texas. When driving down the road many of them waved at me as I’m driving the other way. When I’m out in public on the street or at a store, people will look you in the eye and say hello with a smile. After many years of working in Los Angeles I got into the habit of not talking to people or even trying to make eye contact with them.
Maybe my brother-in-law Quincy can tell me if my perception of the people here is correct. He travels the world and has been in been to almost every state in the United States plus many of the foreign countries. The job requires him to stay at those locations for some time which means he has a lot of time to meet the local people. I wonder if he feels the same about the people of Texas. He lives in Texas.
In the last week when I visited the hardware store, the auto parts store or the local hospital clinic, I always seem to meet some of the nicest people. Now I know I just wrote about my trip to the Houston hospital how I feel that a lot of homeless people seem to seek me out. But as for the everyday experience I find myself trying to change my habit of not talking to people on making eye contact with people as I walk by. I hope to change my thoughts of how bad people are when given the chance to be good or bad. I think I’ve always wanted to believe that people are basically good. But my prior experiences was so that I am always suspicious of somebody who was kind to me.
Luckily for me, I live in a place that surround me with really good people. It helps that my wife is one of those good people. She leads by her example of constantly helping others. There many times when I ask her why she is helping all these people. She knows it’s the right thing to do. I still struggle with accepting the kindness from others.
Yesterday, I met a nice person who was quick to help me without asking for anything in return. A Paramedic who is constantly helping others when he’s at work. And a good person when he is not at work. A good person even when he goes out fishing and could quickly just unload his boat take off. Instead this man was quick to help me and once again show me that the people in this part of Texas are good people. Good people do exist.

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  1. My impression of general friendliness is that it is based upon population density with just a few exceptions. People in large cities have to deal with a whole lot of people every day and I can see how this could become tiring and stressful so I could understand the idea of not dealing with it by ignoring everyone else except a very select few. One exception I found was Singapore. The societal prefference for this nation state is one of open friendliness, a culture not found in many other places. Another city that was friendlier than most was Prague. Most of the rural towns I had the pleasure of staying in, with in the US and also internationally, were all very friendly as well.

  2. I agree with Q. The more dense the population, the less time people have for each other. I think the people in the South in general have a better disposition in life. Life is slower. People actually care for one another and they actually mean it when they ask if you are doing alright. In my part of the South, I have had the pleasure to meet many nice and caring people. I am proud to be a part of it.

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