How many times have you heard someone say, ” you are my sunshine”. I started hearing my aunt saying and singing you are my sunshine when I was a small child. At that time it was something I looked forward to hearing. In today’s world, I hear it from news broadcasters and talk show host. They start the show with,” hello sunshine”. To me it is a welcoming and happy phrase. Sometimes, as I walk out of my house into the sunshine I can still hear my aunt singing.
My thoughts today are on the sunshine. It is still wintertime and many days are cold and overcast. Most recently, there has been very little sunshine and a lot of overcast. I am probably like many people who get a little depressed when there’s a lot of overcast and little sunshine. So what is it about the sun that affects me another so much?
I suppose if you’re a history buff, you can look back through the ages and find those people and cultures who worshiped the sun. Clearly in those days, the sunshine was an important element for the growth of crops and a survival of animals. The sunshine warms the earth allowing both plants and animals to grow and survived. Now and in the future, the son provides energy for electrical energy production. Even if you look into the ocean the fish and the plants rely upon the sunshine to survive. Of these things I’ve mentioned, what does it have to do with a physical presence of the sunshine on the earth.
So why is it so important to me? It is almost all about my mental health. Of course, it is nice to walk out on a sunny day and to walk to my pond or get my boat and go to the lake. But even on those days that I’m not headed to the water, I enjoy the sunshine. I really do not know why,but I do know that when the sun is shining I seem to be happier and even more at piece. Of course, there are the obvious things like the light from the sun allows me to see things better. I know that my night vision is really gotten worse as I have gotten older. I can look out upon their forest and the lawn at night I think that it is peaceful. But it is also a mystery. I have no idea what’s out there and roaming around at night. But when the sun shines, I can look out on the land and down the road see what is going on. I can appreciate the birds as they migrate north and south. I can appreciate watching the deer drink from the pond early in the morning. I enjoy watching the trees as they sway back and forth in the breeze. Now I know this all sounds a little weak for a man to mention such pleasures. But I know when the sun is shining and I can see all these things I feel happy. I’m sure I’m a lot easier to get along with when the sun shines. I seem to get a little grumpy when it’s constantly overcast. The sun provide me with warm air. I do not like cold air. I was born and raised in the Midwest where there was a definite wintertime and very cold days. I can remember listening to the adults talk about moving south to Florida when they retired. At that time in my life all that meant was that I was going to have to leave my friends and the way life I grew up with. As fate would have it, upond coming back from the Vietnam War I was stationed in Los Angeles. Even in the wintertime the temperature is nice and the sun seems to almost always shine. That is why lot of people move and still. As my life progressed I found myself in Texas. There are many sunshine filled days here but there’s also a good amount of overcast days. Even though I don’t live anywhere near the gulf coast it seems like there’s a lot of reining cloudy days. When this happens, I get a little down. I find it hard you proceed with projects that I started and I eat a lot more food when it’s overcast.
As I hear the greeting,” hello sunshine” coming from a news channel early in the morning, I look at my windows in the hope that the sun will shine. Now I know that we need rain as much as sunshine to survive. But I smile when I wake up in the morning and I can watch the sun rise over the tree line and then walked outside into sunshine, I am a happy guy. On a personal note my wife is my sunshine all the time. But back to my thought for the day. I don’t know why that I and many others need sunshine to be happyI love waking up to the sunshine and enjoying all those things it affords me.
I hope you have many days of sunshine and even if it’s overcast I hope you can find the sun shine in your life to keep you as happy as it keeps me. Wow the sun is out I got to go. Pops

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