Its just water under the bridge.

Today as I look out my shop window at my pond, I watch the water flow over the top of the pond’s dam. There has been three days of constant rain. The weather people call it a weather train which is dousing the area with constant rain. I recently finished working on my pond and I designed both a covert (a large pipe) and an overflow area to handle a large rain event. I had planned on doing more work on the overflow area. But, I did not expect so much rain so soon. Now, I sit looking out as the water slowly flows over the dam. At first, I was worried about what was going to happen to the dam. Then, I realized that there was nothing that I can do until after the rain stops.
That brings me to the thought of the day. I remember the old statement ,” it’s just water under the bridge”. This means to me that the event has already happened and there is nothing that can be done about it now. I should just” let it go”. That’s when I realized that I just thought of a songs message from a famous movie called “Frozen”.
This brought me to my thought about letting things go. It is been hard for me to forget and forgive on some of the things that happened in my life. I realize that they’ve already happened and I cannot go back in time and change them. I survived each one of these events and I now believe that if they had not happened I would not be in such great life as I am now.
How many times as a child did your parents tell you to let it go, to forget it and go on with the rest of your life. Then as you became a parent you gave the same advice to friends and children,” just let it go”. It’s water under the bridge, there’s nothing you can do about it.
Well, now that I’m in my senior years, I can see the wisdom in that statement. But I also know is not truly realistic to be able to let everything go. Somebody hurt your heart or your pride, If they threaten your family, it’s hard just to let it go. That might be water under the bridge, but it still has a fresh imprint on the mind. It seems in the beginning that it is impossible to get over the event. For sample, if somebody you love makes a very negative statement to you and that statement hurts, it will feel impossible to let it go.If a friend betrays your trust and you feel used and abandoned,it will be almost impossible to let it go.
If a close family member begins to demeans you and exclude you from family events, you will find it hard to let it go. Another example, is when I couple gets divorced. Especially, if one of the partners did not want to be divorced. How many times have you read about one of the partners killing the other partner because they felt they could not live without them.
Look at the issue of bullying, especially when a young person is constantly bullied. Their whole world turns ugly and it is almost impossible for them to let it go. Look at a person who has moved to a new area and because they did not look and talk like the others around them, they are bullied in person and on social media. You can tell them that what others say and think does not matter. But I believe the truth is, it does matter. What other people think of me has affected some of the decisions I made in life.
People are constantly aware of what others think of them. There are those that were makeup and choose certain styles of clothing mainly in response to what they think others will think of them. They wear certain closthing when going to different locations, mainly to impress others. And if someone makes a negative comment about how they look, walk and talk, it’s hard to just let it go.
My age and experiences in life have helped me to do a better job in letting things go. Now, going back to my pond overflowing, I watched the water go over the dam and there might be some damage from such action.But there is nothing I can do about it. I cannot stop the rain or control the weather. Just as I cannot stop outside instances of my life from affecting me. But I can practice the thought of “Its just water under the bridge and to let it go”. I can look forward to tomorrow and the possibilities it brings. If what happened yesterday or today for you stays in your mind and heart, work on letting it go. Do not waste your time on hatred or feeling sorry for yourself. It’s just water under the bridge and you need to let it go. Pops

One thought on “Its just water under the bridge.”

  1. I like this one!!!
    I think everyone has had things happen to them that is hard to let go. I know I have. I know I need to let it go, however it is hard to do that.
    I have realized in the past few years that it is okay to forgive, but I won’t forget. I find I am still guarded to the people or events that hurt me or upset me.
    So then I think, am I really forgiving if I can’t forget???
    Still on the fence with that one.

    I do think as we get older that we are more likely to “let it go” than when we were just starting out as young adults and staring new careers and families.

    Thanks for the blog!!!!

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