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First of all, I would like to thank my son Sean. Thanks for supporting me in my effort to express my thoughts and opinions. Next, thanks Quincy for taking the time to read my blog and to comment on it.
My thought today is about the concept of the term “common sense”. I’ve heard many people express the thought that people do or do not have “common sense”. Whether I have heard it used by news broadcasters or by a politician, or more usually by the person standing in front of me; I am amazed that anyone thinks there’s such a thing as “common sense”. I believe that what is common has to do with where you’re at and where you’re from. If you were born and raised in a large metropolitan area, your ideal common sense is going to be completely different than someone born in a Third World country or in a rural area.
While working in a large city it was considered common sense to try and not make eye contact with people walking by you. Whereas, in a rural setting it is considered “common sense” to look at the person walking by you and smile, or wave, or speak some kind of greeting,
It may be considered “common sense” that if you are a man and you are walking with the woman, when you get to a door you will the door for the woman. I know this may sound like what a common practice is, but there are those the think that it is just “common sense” to do that.
In some areas it is just “common sense” that a man is the head of the household. There are some religions and some cultures that treat women like second-class citizens or property of the man. There are also areas where the oldest person in the family is the head of the household. There are a few places where the woman is the head of the household. Each one of these places considers it only “common sense” that if you want the head of the household you go to that particular person.
In some generations, it is common sense to; save your money, start a family and go to church. In the old generations, like the baby-boomers in my area, it was only “common sense” that you would grow up to leave the nest and start a career. Of course, that generation was encouraged to go to college. It was only “common sense” that you would do better in life with a college degree.
The current generation may not have the same opinion of what is “common sense”. Maybe it’s “common sense” to stay at home and avoid a large debt. You can find an alternate to going to college. Some of the IT people and gamers have done very well without a college degree,
In some of the less affluent neighborhoods it is only” common sense” that you get a job as soon as possible knowing they cannot afford college.
In some communities, it is only “common sense”, that the citizens in the community serve some sort of community service. Whereas there is a group of people who believe, it’s only” common sense” they spend all the time on themselves.
As a police officer, I responded to several calls that involve neighbors or people who lived nearby who were complaining about what their neighbors were doing. For example, you don’t play loud music after 10 o’clock at night. You don’t let your dogs and cats run loose in the neighborhood. You don’t let the tree limb grow over the fence onto another person’s property. You don’t paint your house in a color different than those in the neighborhood. You don’t cuss in front of children. You don’t allow your kids to stay out late at night without supervision. You don’t allow your children to associate with bad people.
The issue I had with all this “common sense” is that not everyone agreed that that’s “common sense”. Frequently, those people that were being complained on would reply that it’s their right to play the music as loud if they want. The fact that the other person thought it was a bad word that was in front of a child is not consider it a bad word in their house. This happened especially in communities that had many diverse cultures. Different religions usually are sighted as to what is “common sense”. But the diversity in those religions make it almost impossible to have everyone believe in a “common sense”.
It is my thought that there is no such thing as “common sense”. Each area, community, state, and country will have its own thoughts on “common sense”. Therefore, one must take into consideration that different areas have different values than thoughts on what “common sense” is.
The only thing that is common to me is that there are always two sides to a story. The more people involved will always present a different view.
As you listen to the news or to the person in front of you, take care to before agreeing to any so called “common sense” statement. Each side has its view of what happened and there no common sense to one side of an issue. Pops

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  1. “Some of the IT people and gamers have done very well without a college degree”
    I resemble that remark!

    Is it common sense in most cultures of the world not to stick a fork in an outlet? To wear a jacket when its cold? To not jump from high places? Curious minds, ya know…

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