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After writing my blog yesterday, I realized I’d spent some time talking about going to the bathroom. Later, I looked at that and realize that the area that I had called the bathroom did not have a bath in it. The area that houses the toilet as many different names. For example, you might say that you’re going to the restroom and those that were in the military may say they are going to the head.
I have found as I’ve gotten older, that no matter where I’m at I will always check out where the restroom or toilet is at. One of the reasons is because I always seem to need to go to the toilet. Of course in a men’s restroom there are few toilets and usually several urinals. In the homes there are just toilets. The difference in these two areas ranging me to some of the thoughts of the day.
Most public areas that have restrooms for men, are usually dirty and unkept. It seems that because of that the man’s aim is not always on the mark. For example, the area around the urinal is usually wet. And the liquid is not water. If you’re bold enough to want to use the toilet in a public restroom, you’d better check to see if there is any toilet paper. It used to be that there were some sort of paper product that you could use to cover the actual seat of the toilet. That does not happen anymore. The condition of the men’s restrooms are usually in the lowest of quality and almost always out of toilet paper. Occasionally, there will be some kind of air freshener system in the men’s restroom. But in the past few years, even that has disappeared. Many men are use to the condition of the restrooms and so they don’t complain as much. But there have been occasions when all the ladies restrooms were occupied and a woman would have to go into the men’s restroom. That is when they come back out and tell us that men are pigs and that the facilities discussimg. The possibility of a woman going to a men’s restroom is more likely to happen when you’re on the road and you have to stop at a gas station to use the facilities. It used to be that when you are on the road and you need to use a clean bathroom you can go inside a restaurant and use their facilities. But now restaurants have little signs to advise you that they are not a public restroom and that their facilities further customers only.
There’s another issue about public restaurants for men. There is a complete lack of privacy. When you have to use the urinal there are usually a small partition wall between the urinals and that is supposed to provide you some privacy. When you’re out a sporting event or a busy location there is always somebody behind you in line who want to use the urinal and therefore there is no privacy. In the women’s restrooms they are all equipped with toilets and walls and doors around the area of the toilet so that is a private area. I don’t know why they can’t do that for the men’s restrooms so we don’t have to use the urinal just provide us withe a toilet. You know that we are not going to have any better aim and that of course were going to leave the toilet lid up at all times. At least it will provide us with some privacy.
Now let’s talk about the toilet in the house. Luckily for us men who have wives or girlfriends, the toilet area of the house is usually kept in a very nice condition. Most homes are amply supplied with toilet paper and some sort of air freshener fan in the ceiling to help with the smell.
But, if you want to hear your name completely name announced, just leave the toilet lid up after you’re finished. You all hear your full and complete name announced loudly. And if you are not thinking of what you did, your significant other will quickly point out that you left the toilet seat up and how terrible it is to sit down with no lid. There’s another time when you’ll hear your complete name loudly broadcast the house. That is when you’ve left a nasty smell in the toilet area. As you get older you will try to warn the others in the house not to go near the toilet after you have left. Unfortunately, not everyone hears the message. Even if you are courteous enough to turn on the ceiling fan, known as a fart fan, you still have to advise others there is some time that it would take to have the smell fanned out. I do try another technique, I call it the courtesy flush. As soon as whatever it is is come out of my body and it hits the toilet water I flush the toilet. I may do this three or four times during a setting. This does not stop the possibility of some bad odor that will linger in the toilet area, but it sure helps to cut down on the intensity of the smell.
I will take the credit or the blame for any mess that I make in the restroom, bathroom or toilet area. It’s funny that when men leave a nasty smell and another man walks in to that area, they will make some some remark about how strong you must be. Others will say something like, dude. And some will make remarks like it smells like something died in the bathroom. And should a woman walked by after a really bad session, she will immediately proclaim that she is not cleaning up that mess or going near that area until you clean it up.
When I was a small child my family and I lived on a farm in Indiana with my grand parents, There was no inside plumbing so I had to go to an outside building called the out house. I originally thought it was the odd house. It was there that I was introduced to what a outdoor toilet area would be like. You still come across these outdoor commode when you’re camping in a state park or you’re working on a construction site. The unusual part of the farmhouse experience was that the toilet paper was really the pages of a Sears catalog that was mailed to my grandparents home. The idea was that you would tear off the page of the catalog and while doing your business you would roll up the paper try to make it flexible and smoother when you used it. The joke at my grandparents house was that they had a deluxe two hole outhouse. Ofcourse there is no partition that divided the two seating areas and there certainly was no fan to help the odor escape from the building.
In today’s world, when I’m on the road or even visiting a business I checked out the restroom and make some mental notes on the condition it is in. I find myself when traveling, trying to know where the clean restrooms are at and the places to avoid. For example, small gas stations usually inside a city, are places to avoid. I had an experience once of having to use one of those restrooms only to walk in on a prostitute and her client taking care of business there at a sink and by the toilet. As I turned to leave that location I noticed that there were several other people waiting to conduct business in that bathroom. As a narcotics detective I found that drug users really frequent small gas station inner-city bathrooms.
I know it is an issue of how badly you have to go, and if you have small children the intensity is even more amplified. My thoughts on this is that each time you go out along a normally traveled route take the time to check out the facilities. There has been more than one time when I altered my route because I knew I would have to use the restroom and I want to use a clean.
Another thought, for we men out there. Try and work to aim properly, notice if you put the seat down, use the air freshener if it’s available and finally use a courtesy flush matter where you. Pops

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  1. As you know I’m travelling 40-45 weeks a year. I get to use “public” restrooms about the same amount as using the ones in our house and in my hotel rooms . . . and then there are the construction sites with only “Port-A-Pottys” outside on 95F days. Its all about perspective and yes, guys are pigs and no employee wants to clean the restrooms which limits the effort they put into it. I personally make efforts to minimize my impact on the “public” environment as well. And as we get older I guess these things become more important to us.

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