DDay 2019 cermonies

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Today is June 6, 2019 and there are many events to remember the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Truly, a day to remember for all of those who gave their lives. I watched the television as it shows the remaining members of the Armed Forces who were there on D-Day and is still alive today. I know that two thirds of the men who landed on Normandy Beach did not survive. Of those that did survive, they did not tell their stories to their families for years after the event.
I am not one who wants to celebrate the death of so many men. The veterans of World War II are part of the greatest generation. Men and women who believed in our country and were open to going to foreign lands with the idea that their presence would bring peace and freedom to other human beings.
I know this was the feeling I had when I went to join the Army and serve in Vietnam. It was the generation before me that served in World War II, they gave me the mindset that what I was doing was good and right.
It was mentioned in the television story that many veterans of Normandy did not go home and discuss what happened to them. In was because, I believe, that the memorandum such death in a war something that we do not want to share when we get back home.
Those countries that we considered our enemies and those that we considered our friends have changed over the years. Give example is Japan. They are now an ally and Germany is a country that we do a lot of business with. My point is, that things will change. Those people we consider our enemies soon become our allies.
As I grew up, I was exposed to a lot of hatred for people from the countries that we fought in World War II. It was easy for me to transfer that hatred to the people of Vietnam. Not that the people of Vietnam ever tried to invade America or take over any other country. It was simply because they look like the enemies of World War II.
Was I served in a war where I believed I was destroying an enemy and evil, I realize at an older age, that I was not proud of all the death that I brought to that nation. As fate would have it, my family would include Vietnamese born in-laws. I found that the hatred that I had when I went to Vietnam no longer existed.
I do not like celebrating the death of so many people. I do not believe that holding ceremonies that ask veterans to go back to the areas where they watched death and disaster, is a good thing. I think if you want to celebrate the goodness of the men and women who served in the service, you should support them now in their old age. I think you should pay attention to the feeling that everyone should serve this nation. By everyone serving the nation they pay tribute to those who went before us. Whether the veteran died in action or they continue to live their lives in the country that they served, this should be celebrated. We should be remembered not the war and all the death surrounding that action. I do not want to recall the time that it was my mission in life to hate and kill other humans. I’m not against fighting for your nation. But I am against fighting for nation on foreign shores. When we are not the direct recipient of hostile actions, we should not go to other parts of the world and ask Americans to die for foreign country.
Vietnam was the first of such wars and it was followed by Iraq Iran and Afghanistan. We should not be over there trying to force our view of the way life and government should be. We should not be there trying to make people from different cultures succumb to the way our culture exists.
I find it irritating that those people who never served in an army or went to a foreign country and service of the United States constantly complained about the state of our nation.
I believe everyone should serve this country in some form of community contribution. Israel make sure that every man and woman serves in one way or the other their country for two years.
As I read that only 10% of the population of our country’s serve in our Armed Forces. We have the freedom of speech without the conviction of actions.
Again, I do not like watching such ceremonies or event where thousands of Americans died. For those who say that such an event should not be forgotten, for those that were there will never be forgotten. But for those who never served their country it is just another story are movie-like adventure that they can watch for their entertainment. People may say they do it for the education of future generations. But the story told is usually a one-sided story. The view of the reasons for going to war are usually from just one side. Or should I say one angle.
I find it uncomfortable when there is celebration for veterans. On the one hand, I am proud that I stood up and served our nation. On the other hand, I am not proud of all the death that I caused to people from a foreign nation.
I think if you want to spend all this money to celebrate anything, it should be the ideas and practices of the United States. We should not be the world’s policing agency. We should not give foreign aid to countries who are hostile to the United States. We should support those countries that do support the United States. But before we send it anymore men and women into war, we should take care of our own country first. Whether it’s healthcare or Social Security, we need to pay more attention to our own country.
I am probably not someone you like. I don’t believe we should have such elaborate ceremonies concerning wartime actions. Quit putting up the old veterans on stages to look at them while you count the number of them a pass away every day. Start putting attention into getting this and future generations involved in our nation. That doesn’t mean they all need to go into the armed forces. But they do need to find a way to serve this nation. Whether they were born here are they were lucky enough to find their way here. Everyone to considers themselves an American or citizen of the United States, should find a way to serve the country.
I am tired of watching such ceremonies of someone (who never served the nation) tell the story from their eyes, the news station’s eyes. There is nothing wonderful about taking other human lives. I know sometimes it is the only last resort. Going to foreign lands and trying to make the people that nation do it our way is wrong.
Let us celebrate our cultures in our country’s. Let’s work on the future of our own children and grandchildren. Let’s not celebrate the continued actions that send our men and women to war and foreign countries. Let those countries fight for the things that they want with her own people.

I wish to thank all those who served our country and the families that support them. But I also wish that more people would take the responsibility of helping our nation, our people and our cultures survive.


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