Another phase of life

When I look back upon my life I often see that my life went through different phases. Everything from, graduating from high school to turning 70 years old seem to be divided into phases. There is the phase of first independence where you leave the family unit and go out on your own. There is the phase of when you get married and start to have children. A phase where you’re working overtime and trying to make sure that all the bills are paid. There’s a phase when you must admit that your middle-age and that you’ve already worked decades at the same job. There is a phase that you enjoy your hobbies and indulge your pleasures. For example, there was a phase of hot cars and then a phase of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for me. Then there is a phase where you realize its time to retire and you finally admit that you are getting old. Within each one of those phases their events and moments that stand out not only for yourself but for those around you.
Now that I am in my 70s and I can enjoy my hobbies I pretty much feel like I am sitting in the stands watching life go by for my family. One of my grandsons, Jonathan Colt Sumner, moved out of his mom and dad’s house and into an apartment with a friend. Thus, this is his phase of independent living. Yes, as a grandparent I can remember the day that Jonathan was born. And like most grandparents, I’ve watched with pride while he and his sister have grown to be incredible individuals. I can remember when I moved out into my first apartment and began my journey of independence. I can remember my struggles to make enough money to afford a car and car insurance. I can remember my first big purchase of a large screen TV. During those days a large screen TV was about 25 inches and the unit must await 40 pounds. Now I begin to watch as my grandson starts his journey.
Currently, I’m a proud grandfather of 14 grandchildren. And I as I continue with other blogs I hope to mention each one of them as they begin their different phases. In this blog I’m mentioning two. Not because of them being anymore dear to me than the others, but because I recognize the phases that they’re about to explore.
Emma Sumner is a 10-year-old who has already impressed many of us by her writing of her own book. Emma and her sister Lexi are both very busy in their lifestyle. One of the things that they both enjoy is the art of hula dancing. Emma has been doing it the longest and she has become quite good at it. So, when there is an event where she gets to hula dance, she and her fellow dancers put on costumes but also put on makeup. Emma looks to be about 17 or 18 years old when she puts on the makeup. She is about to enter a phase of her life where people stop looking at her as a child but as a teenager and then a young woman. I know her parents will both be protective and supportive. Thanks to Facebook, I can watch her grow through the various pictures that her parents put on Facebook. Just this week I was able to watch her with your parents out and about in a nature setting. One picture Emma standing next to her dad, Sean, and she looks like a very happy 10-year-old standing next to her dad. In another photo, I look at Emma with her makeup on getting ready to do a hula dance. In this feature I see a very young woman.
Each one of the two grandchildren I mentioned today (and I will mention each one of my grandchildren and future blogs) are entering some new phases of their life. I’m excited for them and I too will be supportive of them.
This phase of my life, of being a very senior citizen and proud grandparent has been hard for me to recognize. I don’t feel that old and I still get excited about all the activities that I can participate in. The thing that makes me feel old is watching the phases of my children and now my grandchildren as they progress through life.
To my children, I am proud of each one of you and as I watched you go through your phases I hope you’re able to enjoy watching your children proceed to the same phases as much as I have watching you.

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