Stepped into it

Have you ever just stepped in it? How many of you have gotten up in the middle of the night and while walking through the house, maybe to the kitchen, have unexpectedly stepped into something on the floor. Maybe, it was peanut butter or even worse jelly that had been dropped on the floor early in the day and not discovered until you planted your foot onto it. Especially, if this is at night or when it is dark the incident will consume your complete attention. You will forget that you are mad at the people at work. You’ll forget that the car didn’t start yesterday, and you have no idea what is wrong. You will even forget that later in the day you have to go to the dentist. There will be no thought about local politics or economic issues the second you step into that mess. It is even worse if you have pets in the house. As you were walking you turn the corner and you feel something underneath your feet. Hopefully it is liquid. No matter what you have been thinking about all your attention will be focused on what you stepped in.
Your reaction to this event can go from cussing out loud or yelling statements of complete confusion. After realizing that you stepped in it, now you must think about what to do next. Do you lift the 1 foot and just hop over to the sink or to where there some paper towels to clean off your foot? Because if you do that there is an equal possibility that you will hop into another pile of whatever it is. Do you just go to clean your foot and then turn on the light to see what you stepped in. Or do you hop over to the light switch to immediately see what it is you stepped in.
Worst case scenario is that you quickly move using both feet leaving a trail of whatever’s on your foot. On one such occasion, I’d stepped in some grape jelly that somehow missed the toast that I tried to put it on earlier in the day. Next there was a trail of jelly stains from the point of contact to the sink. Now depends upon how much you stepped in on what you do next. Do you try to wash off your foot at the sink or do you try to find a way to the shower? If the stuff you stepped in was from a pet, do you immediately warn anybody else in the house of the area that has the whatever is on it? Do you just go and take care of the mess on your foot and then tell somebody that there’s a mess out on the floor? Or like many people if it is in the middle of the night, do you just cleanup your foot and then go back to bed not informing anyone of the mess on the floor.
Why am I bringing this up? Because lately while walking to the bathroom I experience the awful feeling of warm liquid on one of the bathroom floor mats where one of my dogs have been sleeping earlier. I knew what it was as soon as I stepped in it, dog urine. As I hopped over to the sink and tried to clean my foot I then went and found some paper towels to try to soak up the mess until later in the morning when it could be picked up and put in the washing machine and cleaned. Before I stepped in it my mind had been consumed in trying to understand what the nightmare I just woke up from meant? On other occasions my mind was consumed by problems and issues in my life. But as soon as I stepped in it I thought of nothing else other than what just happened.
So, in an odd collection of thought I tried to make a bad situation into a good experience. By stepping into it I no longer was consumed with negative thoughts. Then I thought, maybe it’s a good thing that I stepped in it. Well, even when trying to put a positive spin on a negative thing I realized that it was not a good thing that I stepped in it. And by stepping in it I only piled another negative thought into my head that follow me through most of the following day.
I don’t know that there’s any way to totally prevent stepping into it. And the term” stepping into it” can be applied to anything in life. What I do know is that even when you step in it, you can clean it up and continue on. Kind of a heavy thought, but that’s my thought for today. Pops

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