A nose job or rhinoplasty

It has been a while since I put out a blog. That is probably because life can get in the way of those things that you’ve done before. I am always amazed on how busy I am in retirement. For the first five years of my retirement I felt incredibly guilty for not working. What I should’ve thought was that I felt incredibly guilty for not working for money. In the last few years I found myself very busy so much so that I started feeling pressured from all the projects that I was lined up to do.
During the last two years I have worked for getting approved for use of the Veterans Administration dental program. Finally, I was admitted into the program at the VA dental program in Shreveport Louisiana. As I started my trips to the dentist I was pleasantly surprised of the level of dental care I was receiving. The only issue in the program is that it takes a long time to get appointments for all the many different treatment that I need. But slowly, I have been scheduled and treated for different issues that I have.
During some of my examinations by the dentist there is a small skin bump on the inner part of my lower lip. The dentist set me up with the VA oral surgeons to take a sample of that skin bump in my mouth to see if it was cancerous. Luckily, it was not cancerous. But while sitting in the chair having the oral surgeon sew up my lip. After taking the sample he turned to me and asked me if I’d ever considered rhinoplasty. I turned to the oral surgeon and said no I had not thought of it. He quickly told me that this dental facility would provide such a surgery if I wanted it. Well, for the last 10 years I have been very unhappy with how my nose had grown and become somewhat distorted. It did not take but a few seconds for me to agree to have the VA do the surgery. There was no cost involved in it and I thought would be a great ideal to have issues of my nose addressed. I initially spoke to the oral surgeon about both the inside of my nose and the outside of my nose. He told me that they could take care of the issues and then asked me if I wanted to go ahead with the rhinoplasty. I thought to myself, this is a no-brainer. So, I quickly agreed to have the procedure. To my surprise the oral surgeon called in two more oral surgeons to examine my face and they set up a procedure to occur in about 14 days. The fact that I could get any kind of appointment scheduled and completed in 14 days at the VA was totally shocking to me.
Feeling excited about the prospect of the surgery I went out to the waiting area where my wife was at and told her of my exciting news. To my surprise, she was not happy about the news. My wife like many other people have a great fear of going under a general anesthetic or being put unconscious for a procedure. Then later when I told several my friends that I was going to have the procedure they looked at me with a puzzled face and asked why I would do that. This is the second time that someone surprised me by their response to my procedure.
This made me think about having the procedure. My first thought was that I did not like the way my nose look, and I had an opportunity, without any cost to me to have that issue addressed. Then I question myself about being vain. I wondered why I would do this? It did not take long for me to answer both questions. First, like many men as they grow old, my nose had grown and not uniformly. I would constantly be aware of how I did not like my nose every time I looked into a mirror. Was this a life-saving procedure? No. Was it the quality of life issue. Yes. I was not trying to look younger. Like many people, it was something that bothered me. Others around me, like my wife, found it not to be an issue and was surprised that I thought it was an issue.
I went ahead with the procedure. But before the actual surgery I still heard from many family members and friends that they were surprised that I was doing the procedure. Even though their comments kind of threw me off balance I quickly self- righted myself and was confident that my decision to go forward was correct.
Well during the first few days after the surgery my face looked terrible. I can barely see through my eyes. During the operation the oral surgeons not only took off the excess skin on my nose as they took out some fat deposits around my eyes. So not only was my nose red and swollen my eyes were also swollen to the point that I can barely see out of them. Now a week later my nose is healed well and the swelling around my eyes is down. I don’t think anyone else will really notice the difference in my face, but I do. I’m no longer irritated while looking into the mirror and seeing this large nose staring back at me. I’m sure after a few months I will not even remember that I was irritated that my nose was growing so big. I’m also sure that the people around me will no longer remember what my face used to look like.
My thought is that there is always the time when it is not about others but it’s about me. I’m the one that must live with myself every day and if I’m not happy with myself it will quickly manifest into others not being happy around me. Am I being vain? I guess so. But I’m glad I went forward with the decision now I can focus my attention on other items.
Probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do after the surgery was staying inside the house so that there was no possibility of injury or infection while my nose is healing. Daytime TV just sucks.
I do not plan on showing anybody before and after pictures of my nose because I did not do it for them I did it for me. Selfish? Yes. Happy? Yes. Pops

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