Anything is possible but sometimes not probable

It has been a while since I’ve been inspired to create another blog thought. I start my morning by watching the television. I usually get my news for the day in the morning. Some days it’s just the same old thing. The press hates our president and somebody whose name I’ll recognize has passed away. This Sunday was no different. The press continues to badger the president waiting for him to fail at almost anything. And this morning the news of the passing of a well-known chef was one of the top stories of the day. I have many family members and friends who just don’t watch the news anymore. They may take time to watch the weather report, which is usually the weather for the major city that the station is based it and does not apply to their home area.
So, to keep my spirits positive, I will get my fishing gear together and go out to a Lake and go fishing. If there are visitors at my house I will try to entertain them by taking them to my pond and watch them catch a fish. I am a largemouth bass fisherman. Amazingly, I do not eat the fish that I catch. I practiced catch and release. Even with all the experiences I’ve had life, I still get nervous about going to a new lake fishing location. Yesterday was an adventure for me.
I decided to go to a local lake, Winnsboro, and fish early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. Yesterday the thermometer got up to 97°. And so, I was nervous about launching my boat and learning about a new Lake. My adventure started out by my falling asleep in my blog room waiting for the sun to rise only to find that I had slept through the sunrise. I finished preparing the boat by putting drinks and food to the cooler and headed off to the new lake location. I do not mean that the lake has moved but it was a new location for me. I started out driving right by the road that led to the Lake and traveled about 10 extra miles in the wrong direction until I did the unpopular U-turn realizing that I was lost. I slowly retrace my steps only to find a small sign on the side of the road showing me the way to the lake. I’d only received directions to the launch by other fishermen. I had not taken time to look on the map or checking with my computer to see what turns it would take to get me to the launch. To my relief the directions I’d received from others was spot on. I was relieved to see it other trucks and boat trailers parked in the lot next to the ramp.
For those of you that own a boat you will recognize the following procedure. For those of you that don’t own a boat you will find that there is a routine that you must follow before putting your boat into the water. The biggest thing that you must do is to put the plug into the back of the boat so that water does not flood the boat while your motoring away from the launch. Then there’s the unlatching of all the tiedowns that keep the boat on the trailer while driving. Now, comes the excitement of backing the boat trailer down the ramp and into the water. The relief comes quickly when the boat separates itself from the trailer and starts floating out into the lake. Hopefully you had attached a long rope to the front of your boat that is long enough to have one of its end on land or the other attached to your truck. I have had the experience of forgetting to put get the long rope ready as I watched my boat slowly flow backwards into the lake beyond my reach.
Now, I would try to find a parking spot near the ramp that provides enough room between the other trucks and trailers and my truck and trailer so that nobody inadvertently scrapes or hits my truck or trailer. That may sound like a simple thing, but there really some idiots who will park their vehicle and trailer anywhere they can without thinking about how other boaters can get in and out of the spaces. Now I put on my life vest grab my hat and glasses. Make sure that my truck is locked and that my boat trailer is locked onto the hitch. I will make it down to my boat and then another pivotal moment happens. I turned the key to start the boat motor. I have had it happen twice white left some sort of switch on and by the time I went to start my boat motor the battery was dead. Luckily, I always carry some sort of jumper cable to be able to get the engine started.
If it is a busy day at the launch site, I will have to wait in line to launch my boat. This is even more nerve-racking as there are all these other experienced boat owners watching you back your trailer into the water. Sometimes that added pressure makes it almost impossible to get the boat into the water and just one try. Now comes somewhat a moment of triumph. I have the engine running I have my life vest on and I head out upon the lake to go fishing. That small moment as your boat motors away from the launch without any problems is a proud moment. Now, I am headed onto the Lake that I have no previous fishing experience on. This lake has a lot of stumps and trees poking out of the top of the water or lurking just below the waterline. So, the speed of my boat is right around 5 miles an hour. Now this would’ve been all right, if I knew where I was going to start fishing at. But I did not know where I was going to start fishing and so I just motored on up the entire length of the lake.
Usually during the hot summer months fishing for bass means that you must go to an area that is either a creek bottom or a ledge where deep water is close to shallow water. To my somewhat disappointment, this lake only started out at about 17 feet deep and I found myself quickly in shallow water. So shallow that when I tried to use my trolling motor it will get stuck on the bottom of the lake. After traversing the length of the lake and having no idea where I should start fishing I looked around and found a shoreline that was completely shaded from the sun. This shade spread out about 20 feet onto the water. While the sun was already hot when I was on the lake and so I thought I would take a short time to be in the shade and cool off. The water under my boat was about 4 feet deep and I was about 10 feet off the shoreline. I stepped up to the front of my boat put on a plastic worm and tossed it to the shoreline. My guess was that right near the shoreline it’s about 2 feet deep. With this being some hot weather lately I did not expect any kind of action. I thought I would just test out my new rod and reel get some practice in.
Well, to my surprise I started catching bass. And after catching a couple small bass I started catching big bass. I was totally amazed. Catching fish in shallow water in high temperature was nothing that I thought would happen. This goes to the thought of the day. Anything is possible but sometimes not probable. I ended up having a great day on the lake. I caught over 10 bass and by 11 AM I was ready to go back home to avoid the real heat of the day.
I’ve said this before, but when I’m fishing I don’t think of anything else. I don’t worry about the news nor think about the long list of things I need to do when I get home. And I have been on fishing trips where I’ve caught no fish. Yesterday, when a long way into the thought that anything is possible. I suppose the fact that I went fishing rather than staying at home is something else to think about. If you have the opportunity and the ability to enjoy yourself in any activity you should take the time to do it.
I don’t know if our president will ever be popular with the press and I know that other people will commit suicide. But if anything is possible the press will start just reporting the news and not badgering the president. If anything is possible then maybe the suicide rate in our country will diminish. Anything is possible but sometimes not problem.
In the meantime, go fishing. Pops

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  1. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    Fish on!

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