Two squirrels

This morning started like most mornings. I and my three dogs, after waking up, gathered together in a small room in my house I call the blog room. Usually, as soon as I sit down on my couch and my dogs lay down in their dog beds, I turn on the television and watch the news. This usually leads me into writing a blog about some subject matter. While occasionally looking out the only window in the room, I noticed a group of gray ground squirrels running wildly around the yard in front of the window. At first, I took little notice of it but then I noticed the fast-paced action continuing for some time.
So, I moved to a chair next to my window and I looked out to see what all the commotion was about. It didn’t take long before I realized that one of those squirrels was chasing one particular squirrel. The others were just looking around for some acorns that had fall on the ground. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the larger squirrel was chasing the smallest squirrel in an effort to make with it. The smaller squirrel would run very quickly darting from left to right while the larger squirrel would follow each and every move and what I thought was an effort to catch the smaller squirrel. Each time that the bigger squirrel got close the smaller squirrel would dart in a direction leaving the big squirrel behind. Their activity actually was quite amazing. They would run across the ground jump up on a tree and quickly turn around and jump back to the ground. Kind of reminded me of what Spiderman would do. Sometimes the small squirrel would run up a tree to a small branch. To me I thought that the small squirrel was a she and she was trying to hide from the bigger squirrel. When the bigger squirrel got close to the small squirrel he would twirl his tail and a flurry of action almost as to say, look at this girl I’m a handsome man squirrel.
All of a sudden, I realized that I was giving the squirrels a name and I began speaking for them. The little squirrel I will called Lady G and the bigger male squirrel I will called Mr. P. Mr. P would constantly chase after lady G and about the time he got very close to her she would make a quick move and get away from him. In the beginning, I was rooting for lady G. I would notice that she would take off and stop she would glance over her shoulder and wait for Mr. P to make a move. Mr. P would twitch his tail as is to show off how handsome he was and then make a move towards Lady G. I would watch as they ran across the lawn and would jump on the tree go up a couple steps and then jump down to the ground and onto another tree to repeat the process. At first, I would root for Lady G and cheer as she would make another move leaving Mr. P in the dust.
This went on for five or 10 minutes. Lady G always seem to outwit Mr. P. At one-point Lady G climbed up a tree and went to a small limb and sat on the limb not moving. Mr. P searched around and around the tree until he finally spotted lady G. He quickly rushed up to the small limb and just as he reached it Lady G made a move to the other side of the tree. Each move by Mr. P around the tree resulted in a counter move by lady G.
Here is where I started rooting for Mr. P. I would speak out to the window telling Mr. P. That Lady G was just on the other side of the tree. Instead of rooting for Lady G I started rooting for Mr. P. I made comments like, “come on man she just on the other side of the tree keep looking”. At one-point Mr. P was very close to Lady G’s position. Instead of making some kind of fast move she stayed very still clinging onto the side of the tree. Once again, I shouted out, “dude you’re just a few inches from her”, I started to feel a little frustrated that Mr. P. was unable to spot Lady G so closest to him.
As much is I cheered out to Mr. P. He was unable to locate Lady G. I don’t know if Lady G knew this but all of a sudden, she scampered down the tree into the vision of Mr. P. He rushed down to the ground and the chase became exciting again. Then as a move to a certain section of the yard they both stopped and started eating some acorns that were laying on the ground. I expected him to take up the chase in a moment. But that did not happen. Lady G sat on the ground calmly eating her acorn. Mr. P. quickly ate his acorn and then slowly moved off into the distance. Once again, I shouted out to the window, “dude are you given up? I think she liked you and all you have to do is to keep chasing her.”
Well there it is. I found myself speaking to and for the squirrels, giving them names and rooting for each one during the chase. I’m not trying to make in a kind a statement by the story. I did notice that I didn’t really care about the news on the television and that my attention was totally absorbed by the chase of the two squirrels. I know that many times while watching the television I yell out some statement as if the person on the TV can hear me. Today, I was yelling at a window as if the squirrels could hear me and would actually benefit from my advice. I’m sure there’s all kinds of life lessons in the chase that I could come up with. But the reality of it is just two squirrels doing what they do normally. Yes, I gave them names and I rooted for each one individually as if watching a sporting event. And yes, I was disappointed with Mr. P. as he left the area as if he gave up. I also complemented Lady G on her ability to avoid contact with Mr. P.
I will be looking out the window tomorrow to see if the saga continues. pops

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  1. I never knew raccoons mated in trees until I overheard the squabble and watched the branches jump last month, it’s funny bc I named the female “Tammy” and spoke for the male as he left very quickly making excuses for him “I gotta work in the”

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