You make me feel so young

I remember the words of the song that I used to listen to the child. It wasn’t so much the words that I liked but it was the melody. But today, it is the words. During the last week I’ve had the pleasure to be intimate with my wife. I imagine too many people the idea of an old man making love to his wife is uncomfortable. But for me, she makes me feel so young.
As I’ve grown older and I don’t really believe much wiser, I have found myself reluctantly facing the reality of my age. I no longer can run a marathon or for that matter run to the into the driveway to the mailbox. I no longer can stay up late or sleep in late. My memories are fading and my ability to adapt to the new situation takes longer. I enjoy waking up in the morning and watching the sunrise, but I do so from the comfort of a lounge chair rather the inside of a pup tent. And no longer go out to eat and throw down a couple shooters with the others around me. Each of these activities are due to my age.
I am not so physically disabled or mentally troubled that I cannot enjoy being alive. I enjoy going on new adventures. I spend a lot of time in my shop trying to build or repair any project I can. I live in a forest and I enjoy watching the wild animals run across the lawn or the hawk as it takes a fish out of my pond. At a younger age I probably would not have taken the time to enjoy these things as I was in a rush to go to work or to take care of several family issues.
Now back to my thought for the day, I find the one thing that makes me feel young again is to be intimate with my wife. I enjoy the excitement of the moments and the pleasures of her company. During the time of intimacy, I feel young again. I feel the same excitement both mentally and physically. I find myself scheming during the day to be able to have a chance of intimacy with my wife at night.
I find that I will brush my teeth more often and comb my hair more, in an effort to look good to my wife. All this anticipation and realization are the same as when I was a young man. The feeling of falling in love again and again every day with the woman beside me made me feel young again.
I see it many times when a person loses a spouse after many years of marriage. They get excited and become alive again when they run across another person that makes them happy. Sometimes the children of those people; their sisters. brothers or relatives find it unpleasant that the person has found someone else to be intimate with and to share life’s up and downs with. But when I look at them and see them with that new person they smile more their faces seemed brighter and they seem to have a little more of a bounce in their step I think it’s because they feel young again.
I’m sure some of you who went through a bad relationship and when that relationship ended you thought that there would be no more real happy exciting moments. And then someone comes along, and you get giddy again, you start worrying about how you look, and you plan on how to make that person happy. The results of your effort make you excited about life again.
For me, being in love and making love to my wife makes me feel young again. I strategize on how to make it happen and I reminisce on the many times we’ve had together. So, I will continue chasing my wife and enjoying our intimate times together. She makes me feel so young.

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