Do you know what we all have in common?

While setting down and eating lunch at a restaurant I looked around to see the many different people also eating at the restaurant. No matter where I go I usually look around and people watch and sometimes profile the many different people around me. While working and living in Los Angeles California there were many different people and cultures around me every day. There were many days that I would look around me and wonder what I must have in common with the people I’m looking at.
It was easy to look at the different races and notice the differences. It was easy to look at the way people dressed inside the culture. More times than not, it was easier for me to see the that the people I was looking at had little in common with me. Even within the ranks of the police department there seem to be so much disparity that the group of people that I felt I had anything in common with was a small group of people that worked on my shift on my squad.
While working in LA I found myself driving two hours to and from work so that I and my family could live in a culture that was more rural and agricultural then that of the city. It was almost like I had two different personalities and felt that I had little in common with each culture.
Over 25 years ago I moved into a Texas agricultural culture. And once again I would look around to see what I might have in common with those people in my area. Eventually, I would just introduce myself as a city boy who has moved to the country and knows little about anything. I would look at the people who worked in the small town next to where I lived and found that I did not dress like them and I did not speak like them. English is the major language out in the country. But then there is a subculture of Hispanic and Vietnamese who also live in the area.
Instead of going to a large mall or downtown area to shop, I found myself at places like Tractor Supply and Home Depot. I spent a lot of time in the supermarket, I mean the grocery store. There is a grocery store chain. Its products are basically retail price. But as you check out of the grocery line the store makes sure that one of its employees walks you and your cart out to your car or truck. They take the time to unload the cart into your vehicle and wish you a happy day and they do not except tips (a store policy). This was so different from the way I was used to shop that I found myself being suspect of why this was happening.
Usually it is said that in a small town everybody knows everybody. But the fact is many people move in and out of the community continuously through the year. Of course, there are a lot of people who were born and raised in the area. But there are always some new people, like myself, who have moved into the community.
Whereas, in the city I would buy myself a nice suit and tie. I was spending a good amount of money on some nice shoes. Many of my female counterparts would wear dresses and high heels and adorned themselves with jewelry. Where I live now, men were pressed blue jeans and snap down long sleeve shirts. They more likely wear boots than they do shoes and almost everyone wears a hat. Usually the hat is more of a baseball style cap and a cowboy hat. I once saw a man walk into a hardware store dressed from head to toe in camo gear was a little six-year-old boy by his side also dressed in camo gear.
The more I looked the more I found myself wondering what we all have in common. Let’s go back to where was sitting with my wife and eating at a restaurant. I don’t know why thought of this, but I asked my wife, what is it that we all have in common this restaurant? She looked at me and thought for a minute and said I don’t know. And I, remembering an old joke, answered a “bellybutton”. She looked at me as if I had lost my mind and then she laughed. Even though I said it in a humorous remark, the reality is that we do all have bellybutton’s. Everyone in that restaurant and everyone that I run across our human beings. Everyone’s blood is red, and everyone needs to breathe to survive. Obviously, there are a lot more things that human beings need to survive.
But then there’s this other side. Human beings, people need other people. We need to laugh, and we need to cry with others. I believe that we all need to love someone. Everyone from the young baby to the hundred-year-old woman needs others around them. Even though there are some people are mean and hurtful to others, most people need other people in their lives. Someone to care for and someone that’ll care for them. That’s why there are friends and families. That’s why there are clubs and there are churches. I think that those needs are what will have in common. We need others and they need us. Most people want to be good as they believe good is. Even those people who are selfish and mean need someone to be selfish and mean to.
In the communities that I live in, people need to be social. Almost everyone wants their children to be educated so they can face the world challenge. Some people need money to be happy. Others need just enough money to get along but need somebody to help them spend that money. Have you ever gone on a vacation by yourself? I did once, and I was miserable. I need somebody to share the good times with and to help me carry through the bad times.
So, the thought of this blog is that what we all have in common is that we need each other. The major thing that we have in common is that we do not live alone in a single sterile environment. And we need other people in our lives. This is what we have in common. Hopefully, the others in our lives can bring us joy and happiness. Even those people who are parts of hate groups need somebody to hate. People who take advantage of other people need those people, so they take advantage of them. People who believe in something need other people to believe in it with them.
So, besides the bellybutton we all have in common we also have people in our life. Enjoy those people around you. Pops

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