Super Bowl 2018

This year’s Super Bowl carried with it more than just the competitive game itself. Many of my friends and family made a commitment not to watch the Super Bowl game. Most were still angry about NFL players disrespect for the national anthem. Others thought, that the game was not important to them as both teams come from the East Coast. One friend’s comment was,” who cares who wins”. Still others, have other things in their life that kept them busy on Sunday.
The power of the National Football League and especially the Super Bowl game has diminished this year. I watched the game. I know that the sponsors have already paid CBS, contacts with the players and the teams have already been established. This year’s game would not affect the amount of money made. All this year game can do is make sure that the NFL hears the voices of those supporters as they leave the legion of loyal followers for the NFL. Maybe the major stations, like CBS, will find it harder to sell the game and therefore produce other alternatives for the viewers on game day. Boycotting this year’s game did not affect this year’s game. But the continued disgruntled viewers comments will finally start to affect those powers that produce the game.
As far as a football game, this year’s game was a very exciting one. Even if you were not a Philadelphia fan or New York fan. The game itself was well played and exciting. Of course, many of the viewers were there for the commercials. Some years the commercials are truly entertaining. And the people that put those commercials on pay major bucks to do so. I think that after reviewing the response and the viewership for this game comes out, sponsors will be less likely to put out so much money for the commercial. I thought this year’s commercials were okay, not great or epic.
If you are one of those people who are still angry at the NFL due to some players disrespect for the national anthem, then you should become very vocal in the next few months. This is the time when new contracts are negotiated and sponsors for the next year’s game start to evaluate what they’re willing to pay to be on during the game. If you have patience and want to affect the viewer rating of the game, then record it and watch it later. This is the time for you the viewer to affect what’s going happen in the future of the NFL and the Super Bowl.
Up till now, the NFL and its players have enjoyed complete support of the many viewers and fans in each of the cities that there’s a team. Even if there isn’t a team in a town there was complete support for the NFL and its games. I know that those team’s owners and players do a lot to help their individual communities. With the kind of salaries, they make with the exposure they get on television and through social media they can afford to pick a project and help that project succeed. So, there is a consequence for the NFL to not succeed that goes beyond the players in the game.
I think that there are other games that can become more exposed, like world league soccer. They can take up any slack left by the absence of the NFL. The players of the NFL seemed to be good examples of hard work and continued education turning into successful life. But the team owners and the cities that sponsor such elaborate stadiums and high prices to attend those stadiums, should be the ones that are affected by the diminishing viewer support.
This year Super Bowl was a worthy football game. But it’s time that the NFL and the sponsors take a good look at what message they are presenting to the viewing public. If they do not get a handle on the remaining negative feelings at the team members and the team owners over the disrespect to the national anthem and therefore to our nation, then the NFL will continue to diminish.
My thought for this blog is that the NFL, it’s players, it’s owners and the cities that they represent should take a position of strong support for the national anthem, for the people of this nation and of course for those who serve our nation in the Armed Forces. If you continue just to chase the money it viewers will leave you and other sports will take the void that you create.

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