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In the past three days I’ve heard from three of my five sons. No matter how I talked or hear from them I know how special it is. My sons live from California, Arkansas and Texas. In this post I wish to address the need to keep in touch. I am one of those people who find it hard to carry on a long verbal conversation with anyone. But when one of my sons call I find that I can talk for a long time. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to say but with a little help from my son I can find something to talk about. I don’t know if my family knows how much it means to me when they contact me.
Today I heard from my youngest son, who lives in California, via my email account. Even though the email was about two sentences long, it meant a lot to me. It’s funny, if I can hear from one of my sons or see their face on my phone I feel secure that things are going well. Certainly, if they don’t look good or sound good I know it’s time to become more aware of what’s going on. But I think like most parents I want to be able to look at and speak to my children so that I can assess how they’re doing. I am lucky that one of my sons calls me three or four times a week as he is driving home from work and he frequently post on Face Book. It helps me keep up with his busy family and it makes me feel good that he takes the time to call me. I received a call from another son this week as he too was driving home and he too post on Face Book to keep up with his two boys and pregnant wife. I don’t think my sons know how much it means. My oldest son takes time to call to let me know what’s going on in his life and he lives close enough to visit. All my sons are doing well. My son, who lives in the Magnolia area, has started to put things on Facebook or he call the house to let us know that he is okay. This is something new as he is kept to himself for years. It really makes me happy that he now calls to let us know what’s going on.
I’m taking the time to put this in a blog because first, I need to let family members know how important it is to hear or see them. I get to keep up with my sisters as they put information on their Facebook pages. I hope to open up more this year. Looking at the Face Book pictures really helps me keep up with their lives. In the past is been hard for me to reach out and talk to anyone. But it is always a great feeling when I hear from my family. That may sound one way but by hearing from them helps me come out of my shell, so I hope they keep it up.
Unfortunately, I still don’t talk a lot or for a long time with most people. But even just a few words from my sons makes me feel good. I’m hopeful that in the future more my grandchildren will keep in contact with me.
This is the message, reach out and call grandpa or call your dad. Even just a few words in an email can make the day for your dad. I’m using this blog to let those who contact me know that I really appreciate it.
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