The State of the Union 2018.

I tried to watch the president’s speech on the state of the union on January 30. But I found myself getting outraged at the response of the Democrats in the audience. I’ve watched many of the State of the Union Address from each party no matter who the president was. It just seemed to me that this time it was more caustic. Which indicates to me that there is little hope that Congress will be able to accomplish much during the rest of this presidency.
It is almost like watching small schoolchildren on the playground. There seem to be very little maturity or growth in the Congress. Much of the State of the Union Address continues to be the same on how it is presented. It is almost mandatory that when your candidate makes a certain statement, all those people in your party will stand up and applaud while the people in the opposing party will stay seated in many of them just rolled her eyes.
Although I think when the State of the Union Address was originally planned, it was to help all the members of the Congress listen to the president’s plans for the future. In the beginning, there was no instant messaging or social communication. It was a way to help communication from the office of the president to the members of Congress. In today’s world, you are almost instantly receiving information as it’s almost happened. I bring this up, because I believe that this event is outdated and unnecessary.
With all the media and the Internet, including social media, everything that the president is doing is immediately put out to all the people who will watch TV or listen to social media. And as quickly as the president put something out people who are pro or con immediately respond.
The business of congress is to communicate with each other and the office of the president. It is also to help this country be safe and prosperous. So this is just a show.
It irritates me to watch so many congressmen playing to the cameras rather than give an honest response to the address. Many are animated and almost predictable as they know that if they respond in some form of animation their face is most likely be on the television news or on the social media circuit.
For those citizens who claim they just want to watch the president speak, they can do that at any time by checking the computer or watching the television. Now you might say, the not everybody has a computer or television. I would say that almost everyone has access to television or computer or their phone which now is like a computer. You walk down any neighborhood and almost every person that is close to voting age or of voting age has a telephone.
As far as this State of the Union Address, they just showed me that Congress is still in a state of noncooperation. There is finger-pointing and calls a fake news. It seems like Congress did not listen to the voting public about being tired of business as usual in Washington. Those leaders of Congress seem to continue in their old ways and almost seem untouchable in their position.
It is my thought that the next time I watch or try to watch the State of the Union Address, there will be a lot of new faces in the seats of the Congress. And the leadership of the Congress and the parties will be completely changed. The state of the union is still the same. A group of highly paid, well taken care of men and women who were supposed to lead the United States into a safe and prosperous place to live. Currently all I see is negative or noncooperation..
And looking at the glass half full, I have hope that eventually the old guard in the Congress will give way to those new citizens who were not only willing to lead but willing to compromise so that this nation regain its ability to be the best place on earth to live. Pops

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