Where did I put that tool?

I have decided to add a loft area in my shop. This is so I can put some of the wood that I have cut that I am not using. in a dry place. But to accomplish this I took everything off of the walls. I did a really good job of putting up on the walls and the shelves in the shop. It is really a pain in the ass to tear it all down and taken a part. Then I had to find a place to put all those items that I took down from the wall. I have traditionally used the pegboard to place a multitude of items on a wall so that I can see the item versus putting them in a drawer. Well as I started taking the many saw blades, wrenches and miscellaneous items off the wall I had to find a place to put those items until I finish the loft area. Well I thought I had a good ideal by using some storage boxes to put the items into. I did this without thinking about how would I find those items that I need to do some work.
I had to make some 2 x 8 x 8’ boards to help support the loft floor. I really and no idea how many tools I needed to set up the machinery and cut the wood. Well it took me literally hours to go through all those boxes to find the tools that I needed. And of course, I had to look through those boxes several times to find any of those tools. My wife calls it “man looking”. I would look through the box and move all the multiple tools around to find what I was looking for.
To start, I had to cut down the tree. So, I got my chainsaw out and I checked it for gas and oil. I realized that I was low on fuel or gas and went out to find my gas can. I found it to be very low and gas. So, I had to go back to the shop put some gas in the can and then looked to find the measuring device to add oil. While that particular item has been placed in one of those many boxes I referred to earlier. It took about 30 minutes for me to finally find the measuring device. I had remaining gas in the can to put into the chain saw. That was a bad idea. That gas and the setting and that can for a long time and it wasn’t right. So, after putting that gas into the chain saw I found that the chainsaw would not start. I took off the cover of the chainsaw and cleaned out the air filter and got the spark plug and made sure that it was okay. After pulling on the starter rope about 30 times I was exhausted and decided that something else must be wrong to chainsaw. Eventually I cleaned out the gas tank and use some starter fluid to get the chainsaw working.
After cutting large sections of the log into a shorter piece I cut the boards out of the tree. Then I went into the shop to use my table saw to cut the boards to width. Well that was another adventure. While taking everything off the walls in the shop I had moved many items into the middle of the shop blocking the area where the table saw was at. So, I did a game of moving all the different tools and tables around on the shop floor to get access to my table saw. Then I went to hook up my desk collector which now is blocked by all the other tables and tools that I moved around to get to the table saw.
To add to the musical dance in a shop floor I had to find a way to get the wood from the table saw into the wood planner, which now was blocked by all the tools and tables I moved around to get to the other devices. During all this movement I had to look for different adjusting tools and electrical connections to make everything work. Up to now had taken pride in the fact that I could find any tool quickly as it was usually up on a pegboard are in a special place labeled for the tool.
I started to get very angry in the beginning each time I would rumble through those boxes to find a tool. But then after about an hour I just started laughing. No matter how mad I wanted to get it just became hilarious. By the end of the day I had gotten four boards cut and I am ready to send them through the planner. All of this should’ve taken only about three hours of my day. But it took over eight hours of my day. If there’s any thought of the day about this, it is that I should’ve taken more time to orderly move the items from the pegboards onto some sort of large bench area. That way I could have still look and seen what I had and where is was at. But instead, I kept asking,” where are my tools”? I hope that tomorrow will be an easier day. But I also know that all the tools are still in those boxes that have now been rummaged through so many times that there is no way of knowing what is in each box.

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