Treat you just like family

I’ve noticed in the past few months that a lot of companies will include some statement in their advertising that the buyer of their goods will be treated like family. Well, I wonder what that really means. It has been my experience that families not only do not get along all the time. There are as many disputes between family members as there is goodwill amongst family members. As a police officer most of the radio calls that I responded to had to do with disputes amongst family members. They went from the extreme of one family member killing another to family members physically assaulting each other enough to put one of them in a hospital.
It seems to me that most families have some sort of family disagreements that result in turning into hate for other family member. I found the family members cheat on other family members and take advantage of each other. Most commonly family members lie to other family members to either make things the way they want or to avoid a confrontation. I know that in the 1950s and 60s there were television programs that seem to depict the family as this loving caring group of people who work together to survive any situation. But my time in patrol taught me that it was anything but what those TV programs presented.
I do not think that just because somebody is a family member that they should be allowed to mistreat the family for their own personal gain. The one thing about families is that almost all of them have a mom. Of course, everybody has a mom, but moms are sometimes not present. For those of us who have a mom active in our lives, there is no one more revered and loved. That’s not to say that we don’t love our dads, but it seems like when somebody’s in trouble or they need help they contact mom. Mom seem to have this way of making things feel better. Moms are quicker to forgive although I think they never forget.
So back to my thought of today, what is it mean when an advertiser says the going to treat you like family? Are they going to treat you like the families portrayed in the 1950s and 60s television programs? Or are they going to treat you like the family member who is taken advantage of and lied to? Are they going to treat you with respect or are they going to try to control you?
Not only do businesses and churches use the term,” treat you like family”, to encourage you to use their services. But criminal groups like gangs use the same terms,” treat you like family”, to recruit and hold onto those how found that their real blood family does not live up to their expectations. Gangs sell the idea that when you’re a part of the game you are family.
So, what does it mean to treat you like family? At this point I think it can mean anything. I would like to believe that being treated like family means that you’ll be treated with love and respect. And I do believe there are families out there that are like that. But the pessimist in me believes there are more families that vary from those that treat you with love and respect.
If you’re going to treat someone like family deal with love, respect and patience.

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