What is a partial shutdown

Today’s news involved the statement that the government is partially shut down. Although the news broadcaster tried to explain what partially shut down is, I wonder what it really means. Does it mean that the government agencies, that are considered not critical, will stop to exist? I cannot imagine being told that I need to come in to work the next day but I’m not going to be paid and if I do get paid it’ll be sometime in the future. Will the people that are not getting paid be given a pass from the people that they owe money to? Will it get so bad that people will not be able to buy their medications or pay their utility bills?
I think of those members of Congress who find it impossible to agree on this issue should also not get paid until they work this out. Their offices and their office staff should not get paid until they work this out. I think there are congressmen who do rely upon the money they received from the government. Money to keep their offices running and to put gas into their vehicles To keep their children in school. I think they too should not get paid until they work this out. And like all the others who are affected by this action they will get paid sometime in the future if they work it out. I wonder how the companies that supply the capital would respond to the statement that they are not going to get paid for their services?
It doesn’t look like the U.S. Congress got the message from the last election that people like me are tired of their inability to make our country safe. It is almost like they are small schoolchildren who live under the credo, if I can have it you can’t have it.
I am not an advocate for the overthrow the government. Instead, I believe that we should hold our elected officials responsible for their actions. We should not have to wait until the next election to get their attention and bring their actions in line with getting the job done. I think there should be a method besides impeachment, to get rid of those members of Congress who failed to show any progress in doing their job. I don’t think either party is doing its citizens any good by not cooperating with each other on some very important issues. They can argue the value of their views while they get paid a nice salary. But they should also be fired if they cannot keep our government running and keep America safe.
This only makes me believe that the state of Texas should be its own country. I’m not advocating the overthrow the government. I am advocating the succession of Texas from the United States of America. I know there are other states that feel this way. But I don’t live in the states, I live in Texas. The state of Texas and its legislature seems to have done a great job of keeping Texas strong and safe.
I feel like I can only watch the chaos continue without any method of correcting the situation other than going to the pole and voting. Sometimes I feel that by the time I vote somebody into office and they take the office it is going to be too late. I believe the United States of America was the strongest government on the planet Earth. And it felt like we were losing that status a little bit at a time. Now I fear that we are country that is taken advantage of by all the other countries. The United States loss has lost any gains. This started to be evident when large companies would move their businesses to other countries. Even with the new tax laws there is still a lot of US companies have moved to other countries.
My thought for today is that I would support a procedure that was quickly removed a member of Congress who is not productive in their job. Of course, I would support the creation of Texas as its own country. But until the United States is gone so far that such an action would have been just for the survival of those citizens of Texas, I think this will remain the same. I try hard not to be depressed. And I’m able to find happiness and joy when I look for it. I also believe that I am of such an age that I will probably be gone by the time the United States would fold. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. I want my children and their children’s children to be able to live in a country of opportunity and safety.
Okay, the sun is coming out and I’m feeling a little better. This will probably put me into the mode of not watching television. I do not want to put my head in the sand about the issues around me. But the current system doesn’t allow me to be a part of any action quickly and effectively to change the status quo.

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