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I started watching the national news broadcast from the different major companies like; ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. I think as soon as I had got out of the service I became a loyal watcher of the major stations news. Walter Cronkite was one of my favorite. In the beginning there was just one person reading off the local news which was mostly cited from major newspaper articles. After that there became more and more people involved in broadcasting the news on the air. Somehow it had gone from an information section to some kind of glorified public entertainment show. Even the local news has more than one person sitting at a desk reading the Teleprompter. Somewhere in the 60s and 70s there were not only a newsperson sending at a desk, then they added weatherman. Yes, I said man, in the beginning that’s who did the news and who broadcasted the weather. I watched Pat Sajak when he was just the news weatherman in California.
Somewhere at the turn-of-the-century news broadcasters became as famous and as influential as our elected officials. News broadcast became sort of the show. With some impressive graphics and almost instantaneous news broadcast. It didn’t just stop with the United States or the state that I lived in, all of a sudden, I’m watching the people in other world countries and their news. Somehow, it seemed to me like the world was going mad. I don’t think it’s because there’s more crime and more inhumanity going on. I think it’s because we are watching the news for the whole world. That means that no matter what is going on to be more of it because we are following the populations of billions of people instead of millions of people in the United States.
In the past few years the major studios have some rather large sets to broadcast from and there are multiple people sitting behind the desk reading the news and then making their own judgment calls on the news. Therefore, I started getting angry when I started to watch the news. At first, I would take the news channels spokesman’s version of what was happening as the truth. Then while watching another channel report the same event I found it to be very clear that there was some bias going on. In my memory the news was researched and verified before being reported on. In the past two years, it seems like people are quick to put out a news story without verifying the news story.
News broadcasting personalities had become so big and powerful that when one or two of them were fired for conduct off the air, people mourned their leaving. I long for the days that I could watch one station that would just tell the story and revealed the news without any kind of personal comment. Probably the closest that I’ve seen is PBS.
As I visit with my friends and talk to my family members I find that more and more of them are no longer watching the television news broadcast. They may watch the local news just to see what the weather forecast would be. Now I find myself doing the same thing. I no longer trust the national news broadcasting stations. I stopped relying upon the person giving the weather report. It seems like I can watch the radar and pretty much be as accurate as they are in forecasting the weather.
Which brings me to another irritating part of the news. In the past the weather person would say that it looks like it’s going to rain or that it is going to snow without using a percentage. It’s almost like they’re always hedging their bet and therefore when they’re not even close to what the weather turned out to be they can point to the fact that they said was only going to be 40 or 50%.
Here’s a thought for this blog. Think about not watching the national broadcasting new stations. If you can you can search the web to see what kind of stories are interesting to you. And you can follow the radar and go to those websites that will predict the weather as well as anyone gets on television. I think that the national broadcasting stations have let the public down. They become more like a Hollywood production of a play and the reliability is less than top professional. Even the term “fake” news has been introduced.
If you and I stop watching the national news broadcasting stations, they will lose their sponsors. And when they lose their sponsors they find out that they are unable to continue to operate. Maybe they’ll get the message that what we want is to hear is the news not their opinion of the news.

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