National Chapionship Game

Wow what a football game
Last night I stayed up late and watch the national championship game of Alabama versus Georgia. The game was a fantastic game and the results of the game waited until the last play the game. While watching the game I continued to look at all the people both in the stands and on the playing field.
I noticed that there seems to be literally hundreds of people with cameras especially towards the end zones. There are so many of them, that I wonder why more people are not hurt when the ballplayer runs off the field into the large group of photographers and writers on the sideline. Why do they need so many photographers? I imagine that each one of those people pay a large sum of money so they can take those pictures and then sell them to the different magazines and websites. I used to say newspapers and magazines, but it seems to me that newspapers are almost a thing of the past. I just do not see the reason why, so many people need to be that close to the action. Of course, there are a ton of players on the line the sidelines along with the cheerleading team. By the time you put in the coaches and all the cameramen for the television stations, it seems to me they’re just too many people on the field.
I realize that the universities and the stadium owners make a lot of money when there is a football game like the national championship. I just don’t think they need that little bit of money that comes from those photographers to make a good profit. I am impressed with the fact that there are medical personnel on the sidelines and that there is a tent that can be erected on the sidelines to quickly evaluate a hurt player. And it also impressive that usually all facilities have some sort of medical section on site to help with an injured player.
I watched a halftime show featuring a well-known rap singer. Of course, I cannot relate to any of the poetry put out in the verse chanting wrappers performance. And I’m glad they did it offsite. It seems like no matter what the entertainment the producers of the halftime show fill it with a bunch of bobble head people who surround the performer and cheer and scream like the best thing in life. I know that rap is nothing that I did not enjoyed when it first came out and I do not enjoy. But I think it’s time for my generation to let the younger generation set the tone for their entertainment and that they have the right to listen to any form of entertainment. I just think that the producers of such events use the same formula of a mosh pit that surrounds whatever entertainment that’s there. They seem like they’re almost possessed even if the entertainment is not good.
I’m not really an Alabama fan, but I do enjoy watching great football and the game last night was truly a great game. I hope that the young athletes finish their education and go on to instill to others the dedication and training they must go through to play the game. I don’t think people realize how much dedication goes into any athletic participant especially those that reach the highest level of their game.
My thought for today is that it’s time to just appreciate watching two great teams play the game. And if I don’t like who is on the halftime performance don’t watch it. But don’t complain about it either is time for each generation to enjoy the kind of entertainment that they gave birth to. I feel my generation gave birth to rock ‘n roll. But the generation that created rap should be able to enjoy it.

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