Reporting bad weather

Most of the East Coast of our nation will experience some bad storms of ice and snow in the next few days. All the major and local news stations will send some poor reporter out there in the middle of the snow or standing on the ice with the wind blowing through the clothing only to tell us the obvious that it’s snowing or there’s ice in there. For years I wondered why it is necessary to send the human being out in harm’s way when the weather is bad. Do the stations think that I won’t believe the story if I don’t see some poor shivering newsperson out there and a snowdrift or standing next to the freeway that has several cars piled up in a wreck. Many times, in the past when there was a hurricane, some poor reporter and their camera crew would be sent out to capture the high water or the hard-blowing rain. And in each of those broadcasts the news station would tell you not to go out in this kind of weather and to stay-at-home so that you or another vehicle out there on a road will not cause a problem. Yet, there they are out, there in the weather showing us the obvious. Yes, it’s raining hard, yes is flooding, yes there’s a blizzard out on the freeways causing cars to crash. With all the advances we have involving remote cameras, drones and satellite imaging why do we need to send a human being with a microphone in their hand out to the bad weather. If the weather broadcasting station can show me the radar or picture from a camera on top of a building which reveals the bad weather, I will believe it. If I live in the neighborhood with the bad weather I can look out the window I don’t need somebody on the news slipping and sliding all over the place. It’s become such a tradition that somebody go on to the bad weather some reporters are famous for being out in such bad condition. It’s just as bad with people who follow tornadoes. As a local news reporter who is involved in a commercial for the station talked about how she asked her editor to go out and jump in the storm tracer vehicle and find the tornado. They, while on the TV, will tell you not to go out there but for some reason a they need to go out there to tell you not to go out there.
Here’s my thought for today. Use all the technology that we have to report on really bad weather conditions. Please don’t send out some new rookie reporter into harm’s way just so they can tell me the weather is bad. I have no reason to believe that the news stations will lie or make fake news about weather conditions. If I want to see some poor person out there in the back conditions I go to the Internet and watch a series of YouTube’s where people really do expose the dangers around them. At least on YouTube on the Internet it is actually kind of funny to watch people fall or watch vehicles run into each other when they’re on a hill in the neighborhood. But usually they are in a warm safe home and they are filming the people outside. Why do you need to send a young reporter out there or even worse an old reporter out there to show me that it’s snowing?
You do not have to do this, stop it. Pops

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