Bowl games

it seems like there are so many football bowl games that the whole ideal for a team to going to a football bowl game meant that you were special above average. I think there were 40 football bowl games this year. It seemed to me that if you had won about 50% of your games you are eligible to go to a football bowl game. A sportscaster explained that it was a good thing, so many different teams and their student population was able to play in a bowl game.
What was the point of having a bowl game if almost any team can participate in one? It’s kind of like everyone who plays the sport, no matter what sport you play, gets a trophy. Not because you are an outstanding player or that your team won most of its games. Somehow, we’ve gone from rewarding those people who work harder and win over others who play the game to giving anyone that shows up sums sort of special recognition. It’s not special if everybody gets recognized. This does nothing to prepare someone for the real world. No matter where you work as an adult there is a possibility that you’ll be promoted or receive a bonus for doing things above and beyond what other workers do. The fact that you just showed up at work and in an average job does not result in you receiving a trophy. If your business is only doing normal ordinary work your business does not get the recognition or the funding for being normal. Your business doesn’t get invited to go to a bowl game.
This is gotten beyond what should be acceptable. I enjoy watching football and I am a fan and root for different teams. And I take pride when the team that I root for wins the game. I know there’s a big economical factor in a college team going to a ballgame. And I realize that the monies received from those games help support many of the other activities and students who do not play football. It is a way to get funding for non-sport activities as well as other sports activities. I just don’t think that you should be rewarded for being average. How can you possibly inspire your people to work harder and to be more dedicated to the common goal of the team and to the entire society, if you let them go to a ballgame or give them a trophy for being normal or average. Do not set there and tell me that everybody deserves to be special. All that means is that nobody special. And if you’ve ever worked or participated in a team sport you know that there are people out there that really give it their all. There also a lot of people that just show up. If this all comes down to sheer economics, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.
I think there’s a lot of power and good and having pride in your work and striving to be the very best at what you do. And I think of all that effort pays off by you achieving more than the person who is just there, then you should receive special recognition. Not everybody on all the teams in a sports league should receive a trophy. Not all the football teams who won half their games should be recognized by going to a bowl game.
When I think of a football bowl game I expect to watch two teams who excelled over the rest of their conference to play for the pride of being the best in their league. There was a time when there were three major football bowl games at the end of each year. And the team to get the plan of the bowl games were indeed the very best of the teams that play football. I also know that there are a lot more colleges and universities today than in the past. Therefore, I can see the need for additional bowl games. But the fact that there were 40 ballgame this year just seems like we’ve lost all perspective on the reason for a bowl game. It seems like the word champion has become something that has blended into the background and the name of the sponsor of the game receives more attention. There’s a reason that there are many different conferences in football. These conferences have a champion. But when listening to the game announcers you rarely hear the fact that this is a championship team from the conference. You’re more likely to hear the name of the bowl sponsor then you are to hear that this is a championship team.
So, here’s my thought, let’s take a good look at all the bowl games and eliminate those that don’t recognize a winning and successful sports program. That means teams that one only half their games will not go to a bowl game. They will have to find a way to generate more income from other resources or they will have to concentrate on making their teams better. I don’t encourage any team to be okay with just being average. Life is going to ask you to step up to the plate and make a difference. That means you’re going to have to work harder to achieve your goal. I think this life lesson is good for everyone everywhere.

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