Happy new year. This is pops and pops on the porch is backup for 2018. As this is the first day of the year I am ready to begin the adventure of living. During the past year, the thought of how old I was really starting to bother me. I think in some ways, it slowed me down and physically made me feel bad. Well, I reevaluated where I am in life. And I am in a great spot. I like many other men and women worked hard to achieve the goal of retirement. But during the first few years of retirement I felt somewhat ashamed that I was not working. And so, I began to immerse myself into projects. I like working with the wood, especially cedar. So, during a four-year period, I collected some neat equipment to help me do so. And it seemed like every six months, I started another major project.
The problem that I had was not that I couldn’t finish the project, but, that I seemed to be miserable when I was not involved in a project. Instead of taking great pride in finishing the project, I would go into somewhat of the depression. I started to feel lost almost like I could make a decision. Fortunately, my wife would recognize my mood change and would help me get started on another project.

What I realized is that I need to enjoy just being alive and well. Whether, I am in the middle of a project are looking for new project. To say that I’m goal oriented is correct. But, to say that I know how to enjoy life is incorrect. During the last few weeks of 2017, a good friend of mine found himself in a hospital fighting for his life. I boys known him to be a strong and healthy man. But he was infected with influenza a and it was not correctly diagnose quickly. He’s time he would go to the emergency room he was sent home with some lightweight medicine. Most of the people around him thought he was just being a big baby. It has been a common joke around my family that when a man starts to feel ill he over exaggerates. Sometimes this is called a man cold. It is were grown man starts acting like a small child when he is sick. Because my friend was such a healthy male who has for years eaten a healthy diet and regularly exercised, his condition was not taken seriously. Then there was an episode that sent him to the hospital and for several days I was not sure that he would pull through. My friend is 60 years old. He has always been the picture of good health. But he almost died from the flu.

My friend is doing better now in the hospital and should be able to go home soon. This became a wake-up call for me. I do not eat a healthy diet nor do I exercise regularly. But here I am walking up and around while he is laying in a hospital bed. Well, I am really going to try to enjoy days day that I am up and walking. For some reason, when I turn 70 years old I became somewhat obsessed with my age. As I would tell people, when you turn 70-year-old man. There is no clever saying like 60 is the new 50. When you read 70-year-old. It was in the part of that statement, your old, that made my outlook on life change. I started to expect my health to decline in my activity to slow down. Why, because I’m in a manner.

Then I started to think of some people who I have met my life who did not let their age defying their life. First in my mind, was Frank from Sacramento. When I met him he was in his 90s and just as sharp mentally as anyone I’ve ever known. He did use a cane to help them get along, but he was still able to go anywhere you wanted to. There’s another man who I called Mr. Ford, who is in his late 80s. I worked with him at the Montgomery County fair. He not only was physically able and mentally sharp, but he was full of positive thoughts and actions. It seem like each day that I met him he was happy and anxious to enjoy life.

Therefore, I (pops) am ready to fire up and to get going again. On this first day of 2018 I feel full of positive thoughts and happy feelings. All of my children and their children are healthy and safe. I share my life with the woman I love who is truly a woman full of personality and life. I plan to start using pops on the porch as a way to express my thoughts. In the last year with my thoughts turning more negative than positive I decided not to use my blog. I probably would’ve spent most my time firing off at people who so hated the president, no matter which one it was, there was nothing but nasty negative stories. I think that the press is finally getting used to the way that Pres. Trump operates. I also think the press and the entertainment industry has gone through some sort of purging and I believe they will somehow come back to being a neutral position. It would be the nice if the reporter on the screen was directed by the editor from behind the screen to work on stories as they unfold. Not to give us their advice or opinion about the story.

2018 may end up being just another year to many people. But for me, I plan to really break out and enjoy life. What does that mean. The hell if I know. But each day I hope to start with a positive thought and direction with the feeling that each day will be a good day. My thoughts for this first day of 2018 is not to forget the past but to put it behind you. No matter what happened yesterday today and tomorrow are the opportunity to make things good.

It’s really cold here today, but I still plan to go and walk the dogs around the property. I plan to breathe in the cold crisp air while being warm in all the layers of clothes that all where. I will look out upon the trees that have no leaves to look for the squirrels, and the Hawks and the owls. I will glaze at my pond that is slowly starting to fill up with water and imagine catching the fish out of it in the spring. I will walk back into my home, kiss my wife and never warm cup of coffee. 2018 is starting out great.

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