A heavenly view

Yesterday, I was driving to an appointment at the Veterans Administration traveling on a 2 Lane Rd. in the forest of East Texas. As the road twisted interned there were moments is a crested the hill that I was able to view an amazing sight. I observed a sunrise that was so beautiful. It had three layers to it. The horizontal layer that was closest to the ground was a beautiful blue. Above it in a thin line which got bigger in the middle, started out as a pink color and then grew into a bright golden orange color. Above the thin layer was a bright purple sick layer with a cloud looking outline on the top. I’m sure I’m not giving this an appropriate description, but it was truly beautiful. It was as if I was in a different place at a different time. There’s a country music song that has a lyric that says,” I saw God today”. Well, that is the way I felt. The horizon was full of color and the middle layer they got larger in the middle seem to show the way into the heavens. Above the three layers was the bright blue sky that normally exists during the day. So, the three colorful layers were outstanding, and it was so large. It made me feel very small, but it also seemed to want to lift me away into the colorful abyss of the horizon.
I’m not an overly religious man, but I do believe there is a God. This horizon was as if a supreme being had painted on the horizon. This experience was like the first time I traveled to the coast and looked out upon the ocean only to witness water reaching the sky. Wow, this was another one of those moments when I find it hard to comprehend what I was viewing. It was truly inspiring and made me feel good.
Later while visiting my doctor I related to her the view of the horizon. She immediately took some notes because she is a painter and she wanted to try to understand what I saw so she could paint it. I would’ve thought she would want to know what the viewing of the horizon meant to me. But instead, she wanted some description of it says it she could try and put it in a painting and that could be enjoyed by many people.
I was, and I am still totally impressed with the view of that sunrise. And I also was impressed by how it was perceived by my doctor. I saw the sunrise and just enjoyed it, she heard of the sunrise and she wanted to share it. So, my thought for the day is that there is more than one way to experience an event. I have no control over what I saw except for what I will do with the viewing. I just was very selfish in thinking that it was just for me. But, my doctor wanted to re-create it obtaining and share with others.

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