The slow death of the Republican Party

it has been a while since I have published a blog. The purpose of the blog was to express some of my thoughts on the many issues of the day. If you followed my blog you will have noticed that I have made several posts about the demise of the Republican Party. It is even more apparent today that the Republican Party is about to break apart into several smaller political parties.
It has been apparent to me since before the election process, that the Republican Party was in the process of falling apart. The election of Pres. Trump was not what the establishment and members of the grand old party had wanted. They wanted to go on with business as usual. The people like me are tired of the business like usual in the Republican Party. The party is lost touch with the people it represents. While running for election the politicians listen to the people. But it seems like magic when they reach Washington DC and become part of the political process. It appears to me that most politicians in the Republican Party want to just keep their job so they can receive the benefits such a job give them. Just the medical coverage for a member of Congress is something that all citizens would love to have.
Recently, Sen. John McCain voted on a medical care bill that was supposed to eventually end Obama care. What is more significant with his vote was the fact that he turned against his party. While running for office he claimed to be one of those politicians that was against Obama care. Whether it’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or any of the other senators or congressmen and women, there is a growing rift in the party. It’s hard enough for the regular citizen to understand how government works. The procedure is long for anything to happen. There committees and subcommittees and hearings that go on every day. It usually falls upon the chairman of each committee to approve the agenda for the meeting. People like Sen. McCain have a lot of power when it comes to what will be presented eventually to the full Congress.
No matter what reason, Sen. McCain has chosen to contribute to the demise of the Republican Party. Maybe it’s because of his health that he no longer worries about being reelected. I watched his interview on 60 Minutes and found myself very disappointed in a person who I believed in. It is hard to fight a man who is fought so hard for this country. Now, by his actions he will continue to accelerate the demise of the Republican Party and this country.
Like many Americans I am tired of Congress not being able to function. I find fault on both sides of the aisle. That is what I think it is time for a third or even fourth political party to be formed. The existing federal system is so inept and handling the issues of today bypassing bills, the result is the slow demise of the existing system.
I am an advocate for some states to leave the United States and become their own nation-state. This is some-thing that is happened in Europe with positive results. But in the meantime, it would be great if the Republican Party to get itself together. Those of us who were followed the Republican Party for years find ourselves watching the infighting and the Republican Party.
I wish that the Republican Party would support the present president and work with him instead of against him and getting legislation passed. Pres. Trump usually says what many Americans are thinking but don’t have the stage to get our thoughts heard.
Finally, my thoughts on NFL players not standing at the national anthem being played at their facilities. The original thought on a player not standing for the and them had to do with their thoughts on policing in America. Their claims of racial injustice demonstrated by police departments was the so-called reason for their actions. Here’s the thing, it is not any form of national police that they are complaining against. Police departments that have been accused of any miss action are our local agencies. State police city police school police are the agencies that had been accused of racial injustice. There are no national police that is run by the president of the Congress. Maybe it’s because most of the football players never served their nation. They get paid a huge amount of money to play ball. If they get too elaborate in the end zone they get fined. So, the NFL and some other professional athletes have decided to give a thumbs down to the playing of the national anthem at athletic events. As the players and the coaches seem to want to blame the president, I think they are doing more to divide this nation that anyone else.
In the meantime, someone should be looking at what will be the results of the Republican Party’s demise. Who will be the leader that would take the American people into a new age of multiple political parties. I am tired of the same old two-party system. As my time on this earth is limited I can only hope the future will provide my grandchildren with a functional government.

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