Have you ever forgotten somebody’s birthday?

Have you ever forgotten somebody’s birthday, you know, like your brother or your sister. Or maybe it was an old friend or a grandchild. Well I’ve done that more times than I’d like to admit. Even though I made several attempts to organize the birthdays on computer or chart. I often forget to look at the computer or chart. Thank goodness, my wife has most of that information on her phone now and she will get a notice one when some event anniversary happened. I really get upset when I don’t realize that one of my children’s birthday is happening. Each birth was an exciting moment and something that I should just automatically remember. But I have on occasions forgotten about the date until it is already passed. Probably the biggest no-no, is to forget your wife’s birthday or your wedding anniversary date.
As much as I’ve tried, I am totally reliant upon my wife’s cell phone. With a dozen grandchildren, along with the children of my nieces and nephews, it seems almost an impossible task to remember everyone. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about them or don’t think about them, it just means that I forgot to send them a card on the date.
That brings me to something else that I’ve learned. Children really love getting a birthday card. You may call one of your adult children and wish them a happy birthday and they will appreciate it. But there’s nothing like the face of a small child when they get a birthday card. Of course, my wife and I make sure there’s a little amount of money and each card. But I don’t think it’s about the money, I think it’s special to the child when they get some mail.
When I used to work I was told by my boss to be sure and send a thank you card after each transaction or meeting. At first, I thought that was just lame. But as I started receiving those thank you notes and cards I found out that it was kind of special. So, I started sending out the cards, with a common problem that I had to remember to send up the card. I would seem to get very busy and forget that little bit of kindness.
My thought on this blog is to try your best to send out a card. Whether it is a birthday card or a thank you card, the fact that you will take the time to personalize it will mean a lot. I will continue to rely upon my wife and her phone to make sure that the people in our lives get those cards.
I hope that after reading this you will check your system that helps you keep up with all the birthdays and anniversaries in your life. But if you don’t make it, ask for forgiveness and send something out late anyway.

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