The face in the mirror

Every now and then, when I look into my rearview mirror and I see a portion of my face, I see my dad’s face. I do not look exactly like my dad but there’s a portion of my face that when it appears in the mirror it’s my dad. My dad passed away some years ago and the way that I remember him is through photos and as I look into the mirror every day. My dad was one of those Americans that made America great. He grew up in rural Indiana and served in World War II. Like most young people raised up in rural areas he married my mom who was from the same area at a very early age. My dad was 17 and my mom was 16, which was actually a pretty common age to get married at during those times. My dad like many dads started a family moved to the suburbs and worked hard during most of his life. Most of his years of work was as a mechanic. At one point, he had even invented a part on a semi-truck wheel that would count the numbers of spins the tire would take. He invented and made this part in his one car garage next to his house. I think he sold the patent for a minuscule amount of money. But that didn’t stop him from trying to work and make a great home for his wife and children. He did just that. Luckily for me, my dad was usually a happy guy and he was very supportive of all the things that I got interested in.
I thought of this topic today, as I was looking at my computer and it screen saver program. I have it set up so that any photograph in my computer is displayed in the screen saver program. While sitting on my couch in my blog room, I looked up at the screen only to see a picture of my granddaughter, Rose, and I noticed in the background was the face of my father. He had been sitting in a chair in the background of the photo. When I looked at the photo and my dad’s face.
Unfortunately, I have a very poor memory of the many things that happened in my life. I have almost no memory of my childhood. What I do remember was good. Even my children have to remind me of the things that happened as they grew up. I don’t think that I have Alzheimer’s, because I have been like this for decades. I just don’t remember things.
I have finally gotten into having a Facebook page and so in the morning when I get up, before I write a blog, I visit the page. Today is my sister Cindy’s birthday and my sister Cathy posted some pictures of the two of them when they were young. When looking at the pictures I did recognize my sisters but if I hadn’t seen the photo itself I would’ve had no memory. Surprisingly, I did recognize the picture that showed them when they were probably three and four years old. Only when viewing the pictures did any memory come into my mind.
I mention this because of the subject of this blog. The face in the mirror. I am able to remember my father on a daily basis by just looking in the mirror. He was a good man, great father and I only hope that my children’s memory of me are as fond and loving as mine are of my dad.
My dad passed away when he was in the 70s, and now I’m 70 years old. So, if I’m fortunate to live to be older than my dad my face change. But, I’m pretty sure that there always be a part of my face it will my man my dad. Pops

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