The power of selection

it is a very powerful feeling when you can make a selection from a variety of options. Recently, I celebrated my birthday and was given several gift cards for the Bass Pro shop. I wanted to buy a new fish finder and I remembered that the Bass Pro shop had a display of three of the top brands for fish or depth finders. The idea that I would be able to select from a variety of options is what brought me to the Bass Pro shop. When I got to the Bass Pro shop I found that there was a very limited supply for selection. I was greeted by salesperson who had informed me that the Garman brand of fish finders was completely gone. Garmin was about to put out a new addition of the fish finders sometime in the future. And among the remaining selection there were only high dollar units available. Of course, the salesman tried to direct me to one of the more expensive models. But all in all, I was very disappointed. I did not have the power selection and I was forced into trying to decide on something that I did not need or could afford. I left without a fish finder
Why bring this up? It is because I have that same feeling about our political parties. Realistically, there are only two choices that make it to government seats. There is Republicans and the Democrats. It looked like there might be a third party, the tea party. So, I do not look forward to another voting season I am faced with a very limited selection. Just like the Garman units that aren’t there now, there is no real tea party. There are conservatives that associate with the tea party but the option of a third party or the tea party had disappeared.
It will be interesting if the breakup of the Republican Party and fond some more political parties. It would even be nice if the Democratic Party would break up. Maybe the voters who followed Bernie Sanders can start something. But if the next time that it’s up for me to vote and there is no selection I’m going to find it hard to even go and vote. Of course, I will vote but I’m as frustrated as the day I went into Bass Pro shop and fond that selection has really gone. I do not think there should be just one or two parties that will put people into the powerful seats of government. I want more selection and I believe the future of the United States will be that there are more parties to select.
I hope the millennial’s in those generations that follow will find a way to open up some new selections. If there is no possibility of more than just two parties, then there is no power of the people. There’s just the same old cronies following the same old rules. That is what put our Congress into pretty much a stalemate. I think the Republican Party will fold into several different possible parties. But that won’t happen without the encouragement of our young citizens. Last presidential election showed that the people want something different, not a traditional politician from an existing political party. It would be nice if someone from either party would stand out as a leader that would concentrate on the health of the USA. Even though Pres. Trump has represented that possibility, he has no support from either party.
My thought in this blog is that the United States of America and its citizens deserves the power selection. Without selection the people have no real power. Those that have been entitled in the existing political parties will continue to reproduce the same all candidates with the same bad results.
Maybe, if there were term limits that would force new blood into the Congress it would make things better for the US. But we need selection because we need the power. Pops

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