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Yesterday, I was visited by one of my neighbors. Just to review, my neighbors are not close. Unlike living in the city where there’s only feet the separate houses, I currently live where you cannot see the next neighbor’s house. During our conversation, my neighbor mentioned that he was thinking of moving to Oregon. The reason for the move was the very hot weather that existed in East Texas during the summer. My neighbor is physically disabled and it is hard for him to, not only walk up and down stairs, but to even ride his lawn more to cut his grass. During the conversation, we both reviewed how we got to live where we are at now.
He was born and raised in Dallas and when the housing industry took a dive, he found his way to a small home on some property in East Texas. There were two reasons for his move. The first was that he was no longer able to work to do some physical disabilities and therefore he can no longer work in the house building industry. Next, by moving out into the rural area he could afford a nice home and some property.
I was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. Parts of my life was in the city parts of my life was in the country. While attending Indiana University I realized that my draft number was very high. In those days, there was the military draft. As I was single and in good health I realized that it wouldn’t be long before my number would be called. So, I join the Army. After fighting the war in Vietnam, I was assigned to a fort in the Los Angeles area. While there I experienced the beautiful weather conditions in the Los Angeles basin. After leaving the service I moved back to Los Angeles California. While there I was employed by the Los Angeles police department. I became so in love with the weather in Southern California that I bragged about it to my family. Some years later my mom and dad, brothers and sisters all moved to Southern California. My dad reason for moving was that in his industry job were being reduced and Southern California showed the possibility of him getting employed.
After some 25 years of living and working in Southern California I retired and look to live somewhere rather than in Southern California. The area had become very highly populated and the air quality in Los Angeles was terrible. After putting thousands of people in jail I found it not to be a good idea to live in Los Angeles after retirement. I figured most the people that went to jail were out of jail and that I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t a popular person in their life. Therefore, I thought it would be dangerous for me and my family to live there. I looked across the United States to find a new home. I looked at the East Coast, the Midwest, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and even Mexico.
I had been invited to speak at a conference and Conroe Texas. While there I stated hotel on Lake Conroe. While looking out of my balcony and talking to one of the residents of the area, I found out that housing right on the lake was cheaper than the condos in California. Texas was a retirement friendly state with no state income tax. The thought of living right on the water was something I could not afford or even find in California. So, I moved to Texas because of the cost of living and the capability of living on a Lake. I should mention I also don’t like cold weather and the weather in Texas even in the winter is not cold.
From my initial moved to Texas I went on to move nine more times. I moved due to employment. I moved to be closer to a city in which I worked. I tried to retire again and moved to another Lake, Toledo Bend Lake. I moved back to the suburbs of Houston once again due to employment. I moved several times because I thought I was on be fired and I wanted to be able to afford the house I would live in.
Finally, I moved out to the 15-acre tree farm that I now live on because of my health. Not to mention, I really like the house and the big shop that I have. I’m close to several lakes. My lifestyle is gone from riding a Harley-Davidson to riding a John Deere tractor.
My thoughts in this blog is about why we move. Some of us moved to get away from where we were born. Some of us move to a location to follow her dreams. Some of us move just because of the job that we have. Many people move away from their family when they are young just to move back with her family when they start having a family. Some people move because of health reasons while others just chase the dream of life on a beach sure Lake.
As much is some people talk about grass being greener on the other side, I think it’s the ideal of home. Where are you most comfortable at, where can you be that you can call it home. Sometimes just memories of a location or the fact that the rest of your family lives there brings you to a home.
Some people move because they can sell their home for more than they bought it for. While others move and buy a home only to find that they are upside down on a loan. One things for sure, people of the United States are constantly on the move.
Just because you live in one area does not mean that you must move. But don’t be afraid of moving. You’ll find that there such great places and good people to experience. And if you find you don’t like it you can move back to where you started from. Just find the place that you can call home. Pops

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