Sen. McCain’s decision stirs the downfall of the Republican Party.

I have stated on prior blogs that I think that the grand old party or the Republican Party is falling apart. During the presidential election, you could see the party starting to fracture apart. With the selection of this president, a person who is not a professional politician, the Republican Party started eating at each other’s heels. It was clear with the election of the president that the citizens of the United States were tired of the business as usual in Washington DC. Ever since the election of the president, people like me expected the Republican Party to pull together as one and get something done in Washington DC. I hoped that the fracture between the tea party style congressman and the traditional Republican Congressman would disappear after the election. But it seems to me that the Republican Party is still completely fractured. My disappointment in Sen. McCain is not that he voted against a particular bill, but he didn’t become the leader of a fractured party. Instead of working to bring it together he has only made a permanent tear in the party. No matter what his reasons were, he really hurt the party and I believe the country with his current actions.
The Democratic Party now can make some major victories in the upcoming election. I can only hope that there is someone on either side of the aisle that can somehow rise up to become the leader who can bring the Congress together to be a proactive Congress. Currently the Congress continues to be an ineffective and actually an embarrassment.
I don’t know that there’s another group of people that can band together and form a new party that can make any kind of progress in the next 20 years. But I have hope that the millennial’s will take these moments of opportunity to put together a political party that will not only represent middle America but will be able to be effective while in the Congress.
The Republican Party is about to melt down and just become a body to fill the seat and continue the existing policies and procedures. I don’t expect any great legislation are making America great to come from the existing Congress. I imagine for the next 12 years it will be business as usual. Not everyone can become an elected official. And it seems like once you’re one of the good old boys or girls you there until you don’t want the job anymore.
I’m not blaming Sen. McCain for the condition of the party. But I think his actions will start a large crack in the party, a fracture that will grow and that will break the party into several pieces therefore making it ineffective in any future legislation. I’ll believe that the current president will not be able to pull the party together. I think the party didn’t like him anyway and as he is learning to deal in the political world. I hope that in my lifetime I will see a leader emerge in the political world that will be able to bring all parties together and concentrate on the health and welfare of the United States of America. At this point I don’t care what party produces at leader or that a new party emerges with a leader. Just give us some leaders that know how to get things done. I think the health of our nation is okay at this point. But I think if the Congress continues this kind of inability to get things done, our nation will begin to deteriorate. The United States is not Rome, but Rome was great and did fall. I have on prior blogs suggested that certain states leave the United States and become their own countries. That doesn’t mean they would work with the United States but this may be one of those times when the leadership of the remaining nation is unable to be effective. This may be a time that a new nation state would shock the remaining members of the United States into getting something done.

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