My first day after turning 70, what an adventure.

If you read my last post you know I had a great time with my family celebrating my 70th birthday. Two days later my wife and I headed off to WinStar casino, the world’s largest casino for two days. The first day started out great, I was winning. The second day was the adventure. Right as I was finishing my breakfast I started feeling a strong and sharp pain in my upper left chest area. I broke into a sweat and felt dizzy my jaw became sore and my left shoulder was sore. I tried to walk back to my room but had to sit down. My wife found a wheel chair and took me to the room. There I laid down and the pain got worst and spread to the middle of my chest. My wife called the front desk and asked for a doctor. The casino does not have a doctor but they called the EMS that is station across the freeway. Within minutes I was surrounded by medics. They put me into an ambulance and transported me to a hospital in Denton that has a cardiac specialist and is known for cardiac care. During the ride to the hospital I received medication and there were several EKGs performed. The medic stated that I was in afib. The medic in the back with me was a male army veteran nurse who served in Iraq. He did a great job of keeping me calm and repeating to me that he wasn’t going to let a fellow veteran die in the back of his ambulance. I had made several comments that after all I’d been through in life it would be odd for me to pass away in an ambulance coming from the casino. When I got to the hospital I was immediately taken care of by another male veteran who served in Afghanistan. There were several EKGs performed and one of the nurses noticed that my heart had gone back into the regular beat or as they stated that it converted into a regular beat. He also kept talking to me and telling me what was happening while assuring me that everything would be all right. While in the emergency room the medication that I received in the ambulance and the emergency room lowered my heart rate and my heart converted back to a regular beat. I was admitted to the hospital but after two doctors realized that I had converted back to a regular beat with the medication and with my request to get out of the hospital they finally released me. The nurse that was in the room with me did a great job of contacting the doctors with my information by texting the doctors. After realizing that I felt great and my heart was in a regular pattern I was insistent that I didn’t want to spend the night in a hospital just to see the doctor the next day and then be released. The nurse worked hard to make sure that I was comfortable but she also worked really hard to make sure the doctors knew what was going on which help me get released. My whole experience at the Denton hospital was a very good one. But I sure as hell didn’t want to spend the night in a hospital room when I didn’t have to. I have an appointment with my heart doctor next Thursday to go over my medication.
All in all, it was quite an adventure. But from the very first phone call to the front desk the casino personnel were at my room with me and my wife and constantly informed us about the time and the arrival of the EMS. There were at least four EMS personnel who surrounded me and quickly got me into the ambulance and hooked up with the right kind of drugs. My wife had to follow the ambulance over 50 miles to the hospital at speeds up to 85 miles an hour. She told me that she was not going to let me out of her sight. The medic tried several times to give her thumbs-up through the back window, but she couldn’t see through the window. During the trip, the ambulance turned on its red lights and that cause my wife to fear the worst. Upon arrival at the hospital she was quickly reunited with me and totally informed on what was going on. I previously had been told by my doctors that afib could come back at any time. But even in the original event that got me to the doctor with the afib was not as bad as the event at the casino.
The whole adventure that took only six hours from beginning to end. Today, I feel great almost like I got a new lease on life. As I stated in a prior blog I told the medic to call me pops. Knowing that they were also veterans I felt as if I was being taken care of by family. And that meant a lot.

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