More and more I hear of families that are disconnecting from the television and social media like Facebook. Instead of trying to consume all the latest social media systems or equipment the families have decided to disconnect. They do use programs like Netflix and their Xbox on their computers on their TVs. I think many of them are tired of the existing news broadcast. Instead of a news, broadcast such programs have become shows. All the negative events that make up the broadcast of a news station just start bringing people down. While growing up the major studios would have a news broadcast that seemed to report on events that would affect the viewing public. Now the newscast has several people at a desk who are more likely to give you their opinion of an event then just reporting the event. The editors of the news broadcast seem to use a formula that involves some sort of terrible event somewhere in the world and then some sort of political statement only to end the program with some kind of feel-good story.
I must admit that I have started to avoid watching the morning and evening news broadcast, except to try to watch a local broadcast concerning the weather. Unfortunately for me, I don’t live anywhere close to a major city and so the weather forecasters concentrate mainly on whether around the major cities and are usually not accurate as far as the weather where I live. I am tired of the major networks constantly badgering Pres. Trump. And I really don’t care if there was a flood in Bangladesh or that a car bomb destroyed some Iraq city where terrorist like Isis live. I also noticed that most of the major networks concentrate their news stories around the East Coast or the West Coast. Almost like the middle of America as an afterthought.
This last election revealed that there is a mass amount of people between the coast who have a voice and can affect an election. I think if the Congress continues its inability to function, those voices will come up with a third or fourth party that might actually get some done. Back to the news and the television. I like many of the baby boomers grew up first with listening to a radio, then watching a small black and white TV all the way to today’s super large television. Most of us carry a phone is like a small computer for the same newscast can be watched.
I think the millennial’s will start getting their news from a different source rather than the major TV station. Weather they currently use a twitter account they may reverted to shortwave radios and the printed word as a newspaper or book. I would like to see the entertainment factor in a news broadcast go way. I would like to see a news broadcast be just that, a news broadcast. I don’t need to see another show with three or four highly paid people injecting the opinion into the reporting.
I hope that local broadcast stations can stay focused on local issues. If not, I predict that mass media will become so unpopular that the sponsors of the media will leave. The highly paid New York broadcast will give way to a local or a statewide broadcast.
I’m not saying that as a country we should become a separatist. But I really don’t care what’s happening in other nations such as Iran and Iraq. I think we should just leave them to handle their own problems and whoever becomes the victor we will establish relations with. I don’t care about a detailed report of Princess Diane’s death again. I don’t care that some star is going to have a divorce are that they got arrested for driving under the influence. I care about issues like water, infrastructure, employment and of course medical care. These are things that affect every American. I also think that the continuing coverage of some sort of tragedy in New York or Boston or North Carolina or California should be covered by their local networks and there should be some sort of follow-up story to tell the results of the investigation.
I like many others are starting to tune out and disconnect from the major studios, especially in their news programs. I try to go online and read the local paper. Or even go online to watch the vote of the local governing agencies. It’s important to know that the city is getting some new businesses here. It’s not important to me that some star is being sued by some unknown. I don’t care. I care about the quality of life as it pertains in my neighborhood. I care about the funding of the infrastructure. I care about the health care they will not only cover my generation but all the future generations as they grow and grow. I care if my taxes are going up and my coverage is going down. I care that young people have the chance to go on to higher education or that they’re able to go to a trade school so that no matter what they come out of it with it will be a positive result for them in the community.
Most people who live in the city don’t know who is sitting on the city Council. Many don’t even know who the mayor is. Counties commissioner’s courts are probably the least known governing agency. It is time to disconnect from all the fluff in the national news. Hopefully there will be a national news agency that just covers the news without their personal interpretation. More importantly I hope that local, city, and state government leaders are more commonly known rather than almost completely unknown. I believe that the rights of the states should be more important when it comes to reporting what is happening for everyone in the country.
If our leaders do not listen to my warnings. It is very likely that the future citizens will have tuned out and disconnected from their participation in our government. That same groundswell of middle America could just as easily turn on the federal government by tuning it out and disconnecting.
I know that we cannot completely tune out or disconnect from what happens around us in the world. But we can disconnect from the constant bombardment of negative and horrific actions of those people who are in other countries or only live on the west or east coast of this country. I am morning the government to start listening to its citizens are they will disconnect.

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  1. There might be a faction of government that wants us to disconnect so they can enact whatever they wish and no one will know. They would just govern over the masses with impunity. I totally agree that we need to be connected with our local government though. I too have stopped watching major network news coverage, I especially detest that they continually show useless footage while relaying a news story. Just put the person talking on the screen and tell me what happened. I do not need mind numbing useless footage that changes every 2-3 seconds.

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