Once again, the Congress of the United States is not getting anything done.

I am frustrated as a citizen of the United States at the inability of the Congress of the United States to get anything done. It was a surprise when Pres. Trump won the election. And I was amazed that the Congress was going to be mostly from the grand old party. I’d mentioned in earlier blogs that I thought that the party was falling apart. Well it’s falling apart without falling apart. The Congress once again is getting nothing accomplished. Moderates and conservatives in the party are fighting as if each other was from the Democratic party. Whether it’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or speaker McConnell, there seems to be no consensus in the party. The more I listen to and watch the dysfunction in Washington I believe it’s time for Texas to become its own country. There are many people who are just as frustrated in other states, for example Oregon or California. History has shown us that countries can fall apart and reform as another country. Even Russia fell apart and is slowly regained an identity as a leading nation in the world.
I think the people who represent us in Washington are there for their own personal gain. If nothing else after you have won an election and served in the Congress you will have great health care coverage for the rest your life. If the Congress could be judged by performance I imagine over 50% of them would have been fired by now. I’m not saying that the Republicans are any better than the Democrats or the few independent. All sides seem unable to move this country forward. Under Pres. Obama there was nothing but feuding and fighting and unfortunately our country seemed to go backwards. Under Pres. Trump the Congress continues to be unable to function. The issues that face this country don’t seem to make the news. The major stations just want to bash the president rather than concentrate on the issues that are important for the country.
I’m not here to put the blame on anyone, I am here to suggest that the United States gets a little smaller by the loss of Texas. Texas is a real force in our nation. Texas as a nation would force the United States to get its act together and face the future.
Not to say that the United States and Texas wouldn’t be in concert on national and international issues. But I do think something needs to happen to wake up the establishment. When I say the establishment, I mean the Congress of the United States. You might say it’s a tried and true method but I believe that the method is gone sour. I see a future that is more diverse and more focused. And I think that Texas and a few other states should be its own Nation-state
I don’t think it’s wise to watch the existing system drive us over the edge of the cliff. It doesn’t seem to matter who is in charge, it just looks like were losing our way and our dignity. We were made with the immigrants of any other countries. And today, most of the population is comprised of first second third generations of immigrants.
I would hope that we would quit fighting the fact that citizens of many other countries find their hope in the United States. I would hope that the wake-up call for the USA would not have to be a state leaving the union. But at this point, I don’t think there’s anything that can happen short of a state like Texas leaving the union. Other countries in Europe have common borders and have seem to work together before and after major world wars. There doesn’t need to be a war between Texas and the other states. But there does need to be something done in Washington.
I would support term limitations for Congressman. We have a for president why not our Congressman. A system that would rotate out a certain portion of the Congress every four years would be appreciated. Currently it seems like one you are in the Congress you can ride along for a lot of years. With all the perks that come with the job, like transportation staff and office facilities, you can see how a person can get spoiled and lose contact with the people who sent them there. Instead of a Congressman waiting years to said as the chair of a very powerful committee, there should be a time limit on the chair of each committee.
If it sounds like I am frustrated, I am. Do I see the world coming to an end, no. But I do think it’s time for change. I’m not advocating the overthrow the United States of America. But I am putting out the thought that maybe there are states of the union that would work better as their own nation-state rather than to continue to follow along I just functional and degrading Congress.

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