Flying wrenches

I mentioned in a blog that a man can never have enough tools. And recently, I have been working on one of my riding lawnmowers. I constantly was experiencing flat tires on the to the back big tires. And so, I pulled the lawnmower into the shop and took off the rear wheels. I looked at how I was going to take the rubber tires off the rims and realize I had no experience at it. I went online and watched a series of YouTube’s videos on how to take off small tire and rims.
Then I went and found some of my biggest screwdrivers and anything that looked like a prybar and dove into trying to break the rubber bead off the rim. After several hours of trying to separate the rubber from the rim I realized that I needed to buy a new tool that was made for that. I went to Harbor freight and bought one of their mini tire changers. After reading the directions, I actually read the directions, I found that I needed to secure the base of the unit to a table or the floor. I decided to bolt it down to a large worktable that I had in the shop. To do so, I needed to drill some holes through the table. Well, recently my battery charger for the rigid drill had gone bad. I have lifetime guarantee on all my rigid tools. I went down to Home Depot and sent off the charger to be repaired. This meant that I did not have a battery-operated drill to drill those holes. I went to an old Black & Decker drill that requires a key chuck to open and tighten the drill bits. I recently had used that drill and the key chuck on another project. I thought for sure I had put that key chuck in a bucket of other tools and placed it in my shop. Well, I started looking for the key chuck. I looked inside the bucket and it wasn’t there. So, then I started searching around the shop itself. I still did not find the it. Then, I thought I might have thrown it away accidentally, so I went through the trash can in the shop. It’s almost a 50 gallon can and it was almost full. So after about 30 minutes of a smelly nasty event I still had not found the key chuck. I then thought I might use one of my other tools as a drill. After several attempts of using anything that looked like a drill I found an old impact drill and I could use it to drill the holes into the table. I went to look for some bolts and nuts to hold the many tire changer to the table only to end up using some 8-inch-long bolts for the project. Realizing I only needed 3-inch bolts I had to laugh at the site of using the 8-inch bolts,
I bolted the mini tire changer to the bench and put the tire on it at all the pieces I needed to and started pressing down to break the tire bead from the tire rim. I still could not get it to break loose. If you were to look at all the different screwdrivers and prybars I had sticking out of that tire and rim it would look like some kind a metal birthday cake. There were several times when I put pressure on one of those tools and it would break loose and fly into the air, twice just slightly missing my forehead. There was no damage to my forehead other than the embarrassment of being so stupid, almost taking myself out in the shop. At one point, it seemed like it was just a series of flying wrenches. When I did get the tire to opened enough to see the bead of the tire It looked like it had been glued to the rim. So, as a last resort to taking a small propane torch and heated the rim on the outside of the tire. Well, that worked and when the bead broke loose I could see all the remnants of some tire sealant inside the rim and tire. I’ve had this lawnmower for a lot of years and there’s no knowing how much sealant I put into those tires.
Feeling somewhat successful I could put in a new valve stem into the rim and went to put the tire back on to the rim. After several hours of not being able get the tire back on the rim I reviewed many of the YouTube videos on how to put the tire back on the rim. I struggled with the tire and finally got it close to being on the rim when I realize the sidewalls of the tire were completely cracked and damaged. So, there’s no need to put a bad tire on the rim. In review, I’ve spent two days trying to take some small tires off some small rims set I could reuse the lawn more/garden tractor with no success. Just a big mess in the shop of screwdrivers prybars and soap. As much as I hated to admit it I had failed. I do not give up easily but yesterday I had to give up. My thought still that a man cannot have enough tools. But a man must know his limitations.

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