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I enjoy listening to music when I’m outside. Last year I put a old receiver/amplifier in my shop so I could put up two old speakers to listen to music while working. It was during that time that I realized that for the speakers to work I needed to use an amplifier. I thought that I could just use the connections on the back of the television to connect to the speakers and they would work. Well they didn’t. I tell you this because you would’ve thought I would have remembered such an event.
Last week, I bought a couple of outdoor speakers to be put on the back porch by the pool. Up to this point I would use a standalone radio or one of those wireless speakers with Bluetooth. I thought that it would be nice to have a set of outer speakers at the pool. So, after I bought the speakers I enjoyed a couple of hours in the attic, dropping the speaker wires down the inside of the wall and then to an outside place on the porch. I think I mentioned this my last blog. Even though I was up in the attic in the early hours of the day I quickly became drenched in sweat with pieces of insulation sticking to my close and skin. I did accomplish my task by having the wire go to the ceiling of the porch and then back into the living room area for my Dish receiver and television were located. Then in as much as I tried to splice together some cables to some regular flat wire for the speakers I could not get any sound to come out of the speakers. So, I went to the Internet and Amazon and found a set of connectors that will convert the flat wire into cable connection. I waited for several days for the connectors to arrive. As soon as they arrived I got busy trying to connect the wires to the Dish receiver and onto the television hoping that the sound would come out of the speakers on the porch. It’s at these moments that I later look at my actions and slap myself up the four head as if such an action would jar lose some more brain cells into action.
After about two hours of working with the television and the receiver plus then making several trips back into the attic, I remembered what I had to do in my shop. I slap myself in the four head when I remember that I needed an amplifier for the speakers to work. In my mind, there should be hundreds of old receivers and amplifiers out there that were used in the last part of the 1990. I know that I had several of them and as time proceeded I threw them away. But it seemed to me like any repair shop or small business has these receivers and so I thought there should be many of them out on the Internet. There should be something on Craigslist or eBay that I could buy cheaply and use for the speakers.
Well that’s not the case at here. I once again went into some sort of sticker shock when I realized I’d have to buy a new unit. The good news is that I did not have to buy a receiver and amplifier. There just amplifiers out there and so I ordered one off Amazon.
My thought for the day was how quickly things have evolved and now I still am working in the past. Most people don’t use speaker wires or big box receivers and amplifiers. The speakers now are wireless like Bluetooth systems and there is no need for a standalone amplifier and receiver. They are ready in your phone or in the small wireless boombox that is wirelessly connected to your phone or car. When I was younger having a surround sound system with the television or having outside speakers would include hours of stringing the wire through the house walls up into the attic or down into the ground to get to the speakers. The quality of sound would vary in the old system. The new system which is totally wireless sounds even better than wired system. Now there is Pandora or other systems that will provide you music of any sort or kind. Once it knows the kind of music you like it will present you with the opportunity of such music.
With this realization, I feel like I’m one of the little guys standing out in the yard holding up a TV antenna trying to get the best signal by turning left or right. Most of you out there never had to really do that but I did. I feel like the old guy listening to a hard box radio moving the dial left and right trying to receive a signal so I can listen to Glenn Miller’s band.
I feel like I’m in a time warp the goes from trying to listen to Glenn Miller’s band to the wireless limitless music that is available. I like it but sometimes it seems like things to sneak up on me and I feel a little overwhelmed and surprised.
by the way if you never listen to Glenn Miliband to give it a try.

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