The attic

I spent about three hours up in my attic yesterday as I was putting in some speaker wire that go from the back porch to the living room. For me, the attic is a dangerous adventure to say the least. First, there is all that insulation that’s up there. My house has all that insulation that was blown in and so it kind of floats on the ceiling. One of the problems that that is when you go up into the attic a lot of it collects on your clothing and on your skin and it is very itchy. The next thing, is that I must make sure that each step ends up on a 2 x 6 support board rafter than putting my foot right through the ceiling. With the insulation covering all the boards it’s like a small search is time I want to make a step. I know I should have done this during the winter months, but I just bought the speakers and the wire within the last month. And so, I ventured up into the attic with the temperature of about 120°. So immediately I started sweating right to all my close and the sweat coming down into my eyes made it difficult to see sometimes. But let me get to the reason for my thoughts on the blog this morning.
I noticed there are literally hundreds of feet of coaxial cable in the attic. Since I moved into this house I have had two different DirecTV installations, and one Disk insulation. Each time that one of those companies came out they would put up a new satellite dish and then put all new cabling into the house. First, the house was built with coaxial cable running to every room which was brought together in a single control box in the attic. But, instead of using that coaxial cable to hook up to the satellite dish each company would put in an all new set of cabling. This happened each time the company put up a new system. I’ve looked at the cabling and it all seem to be the same cable. There seems to me to be no reason to put in a bunch a new cabling. Even worse, they don’t take out the old cabling. So, the attic looks like a large black spider web. This makes it hard to navigate in the attic because of all the cabling. Of course, there is an electrical wiring and security cable wiring in the attic. But layered on all is four different layers of cable. Each time a company would come out to put in a new satellite dish I would ask them if they were going to take down the old dish and use the existing cable that was made when the house was built. Each time I was told no. They don’t take down the old dish and they don’t use the old cabling. As a business, this is insane. It doesn’t take much to see if the cable is still good. But that doesn’t seem to matter I have three satellite dishes on my home and what seemed to be four different layers of cabling in the attic.
I’m sure that they companies have their reasons for such a practice. But I think that they should at least take out the old cabling. I thought about taking out all the old cabling except it all looks the same. I don’t know if I would’ve been taking out the old system a ripping out part of the new system. So, for now there’s this huge mess up in the attic that I have to move or step around when working on anything in the attic. I do not like being up in the attic but things happen and every now and then you got a go up there.
Currently, and three satellite dishes on my roof. I asked the last technician if they would take it down or maybe they would have another use for it. The technician told me he had been instructed not to take anything down and only put in his new system. Well if you didn’t know better, you would think I am running communication center at my house.

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