Tiny tires

How many of you own a small riding lawn tractor/mower? Or some sort of machine that requires pneumatic tires? Well I own several of those items and yesterday I realized that it was time to pay some attention to them. I have two small garden type tractors that are at least 10 years old. Both have small tires that have continually gone flat while just sitting between the use of the tractors. So yesterday I decided to find the problem with the tire. What I found was that the valve stem had cracked and it was almost impossible to keep air in the tire. In the beginning, my thought was how tough can this be? I took the small tires off the tractors and after finding that the tires stem was cracked, I took the stem off of the rim of the tire. After several attempts of trying to break the tire off of the rim I went to the YouTube site to look for some guidance on how to take the rubber tire off the ram. I must tell you some of the people on YouTube really are not that sharp. After watching and laughing at about 20 videos I went back to my shop and started to work on the tires again. What I realize is that I don’t have the right tools. If you’ve been reading my blogs you know that I believe that a man cannot have enough tools. So, with my not having the right tools I tried to substitute with tools that I already had. After at least a dozen times where the tool went flying into the air striking me on my stomach or my foot I found myself ready to buy some new tools. I had been using a crowbar, a large screwdriver in any flat piece of metal that I thought would break the seal between the rim and the tire. The goal is to break the seal of the rubber tire on the rim. I even tried using my front loader on my John Deere to push down on the rubber of the tire to break the seal. All I did was send the tire flipping in the air like a coin. Then with all the non-wisdom that I possess I put a bunch of penetrating oil on the rubber around the rim in the hopes that it would help break the seal. No, what it does is make everything incredibly slippery which produce some of those flying tools into the air when pressure was applied. Now not only am I not able to break the seal, but I have penetrating oil all over my tools and myself. This morning it sounds pretty funny but yesterday it was pretty frustrating.
Once again, I went to the Internet to try to find a better way to break down the tire. I realize this morning that the better way includes going to get the proper tools to do the job. There is always a part of me that says that I can do this with the tools I have and I’m hesitant to go by any new tools. A tool that would help me break the rim seal on a small tire will probably be used once every three or four years. That is why I hate to go out and spend the money. But I also hate not being able to get the tires to be functional and I have some small cuts and bruises from the flying tools I had used in my prior efforts. So now I must decide how much money and what level of tool do I want to buy. Do I want to buy a cheap set of hand tools for this purpose? Do I want to spend more for a better design tool?
Well-being the do-it-yourselfer I’m going to try to attack the tires again this morning. But I’m sure that it won’t take long before I head out to one of the stores or go online to Amazon to purchase a proper tool for the job.
Why is it so hard for me to do this? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s that part of me that says that I can MacGyver anything. Or maybe it’s that part of me that did not want to spend money on a tool that I may or may not use again. I know that I really don’t like going to a friend or neighbor to asked to borrow a tool. Not because the friend or neighbor does not want to help. They all usually go overboard to help me. I just don’t like the idea of borrowing something and then that something breaks and not only do I have to buy replacement tool for the neighbor I have to buy a second tool for me. It is just an uncomfortable situation to borrow things. So usually I end up buying the tool. I really don’t mind lending my tools out but to borrow one is a different situation. So, my thought today is that not only that a man cannot have enough tools, but a man needs to realize the situation is beyond his capabilities and in need to go out and spend money on a new tool.

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