Fireworks on the fourth

Since I can remember there’ve always been fireworks on the Fourth of July. As a child, my father would buy some firecrackers and he along with all the other fathers in the neighborhood would gather in a group and set the fireworks off. He did not let any of the children set the fireworks off and so we all set in a viewing area. One year or one of the fathers had a bottle rocket that shot up into the air. We were all amazed.
Since that time, I have seen the use of fireworks grow to what seems a crazy number of fireworks. I have noticed that the places selling fireworks outside the city limits are out of little trailers or hut style buildings that are only open near to a holiday that uses fireworks. Every year there are a lot of injuries because of children using fireworks or somebody’s drunk uncle lighting the fireworks and being injured. What troubles me the most while working in the city the loud explosions were not from fireworks but from people shooting guns into the air. Every year one of those projectiles come back down to earth and hit somebody and injure them. I respect the large fireworks companies that put on the big displays. They are very safety conscious and usually there are fire department personnel on hand to put out any problems that might occur.
However, there are so many uneducated and uninformed people who buy fireworks and then set them off only to injure people or start a fire that could end up burning down the house. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the lower the education or the IQ of the person the more fireworks of that person buy. While it really bothered me that people would use guns the fire into the air I found something that bothers me a little more. I have a neighbor with the Civil War cannon. I am told that he only fires golf balls out of the small cannon. So now we’ve gone from children lighting off firecrackers and cherry bombs to people firing weapons in the air including a cannon.
At my house, the sound of fireworks is disruptive. First, it drives my dogs into a frenzy of fear. It’s not like the fireworks are only set off on the evening of the fourth. It seems like there set off for several days before and several days after the fourth. So, the people aren’t really celebrating our independence they’re just having fun while dangerously lighting off an explosion. At my house, the sound of the fireworks makes me nervous. Sometimes in the loud explosions I find myself fighting a panic attack as it reminds me of being in a war. Those explosions in the war took the lives of not only American soldiers but of any soldier near the explosion. I revisit picking up body parts that were all that was left of a human being after the explosions.
I’m not advocating that we stop using fireworks on the fourth. My thought is that fireworks should be safe. There should be some sort of education process at the schools to help educate the students about the use of fireworks. Next, I think there should be some sort of law that keeps somebody under the influence of alcohol from buying the fireworks. The Fourth of July has always been a time to eat drink and be merry. But at these fireworks stands it seems that a lot of people under the influence buy the fireworks which leads to injuries because of their use of the fireworks. If there’s a law that stops people from serving a drink to someone who seems already intoxicated, why can’t there be a law that stops an intoxicated person from buying fireworks.
Enjoy the fourth. I will enjoy the concept of my independence. I will not enjoy the panic attack that will follow this evening as the explosions become bigger and louder and more continuous. Pops

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