Make your own world

I woke up this morning (Yeah) to watch my room light up from the lightning strikes in the distance. If it’s one thing that makes me think that things are going to get bad is to see lightning and hear thunder in the morning. I really don’t know why because it is just an act of nature that rarely causes any problems while I live. Occasionally, lightning will strike a tree around my property. But for some reason when the skies are dark and the lightning is strong and the thunder roars so loud it shakes the house, I get worried.
My thought for the day is that the more you listen to the news or social media the more you think something bad is going to happen. How many times have you heard somebody say that the world is becoming a worse place to live and that things are worse now than ever. Well I think if you look back at the archives or old newspapers you’ll find those same things being said many years ago. Each generation seems to say that things are going so bad during their time and that only bad is coming.
No matter whether the issue is about economics. You know the stock market is going to fail or that the oil prices are going to go so high you can afford to drive. Or the issues the weather. The hundred-year storm that seems to come every three or four years or the earthquakes and the tornadoes that rip up the country every year. The alarm seems to go off again that the worst is coming and this is the worst it’s ever been in history. Well I do not agree. During my time on this earth the standard of life is only gone up. Luckily, I was born in United States of America after its independence from England’s rule. I’ve watched my family go from listening to a radio to handheld devices like iPhone and iPads. The vehicles that I drive now has many safety devices on them that do not happen even when people use horses to get from one place to another. Read an editorial from the 1900s you’ll find the same doom and gloom predictions from the people of that age.
If you keep listening to all of this you’re liable to be depressed and disappointed. My thought is that you make your own world. You make sure that you have enough to eat and drink and don’t worry about the people in other countries you don’t have enough to eat and drink. Don’t worry that a person in another country can’t vote. You make sure you can vote. You don’t go to another country and try to make them get along or stop a civil war. You make sure that there’s no Civil War here. If you don’t like people of other religions, live in an area that only has your religion. If you are tired of gang violence and organized crime, find a place that has not been an affected by such activity.
I know it’s hard to pick up and leave and move and take yourself out of the comfort zone of knowing your environment. If you knew somebody that was being physically abused you would encourage them to move and leave that environment. If you live in an area that has high crime and the infrastructure is failing, look around and move. Make your own environment. You might think that it’s impossible to pick up and leave but it isn’t. Our forefathers picked up and left England to end up in the new country, the United States of America. They made their own environment and their own government.
You may think that you’re not qualified for any other job than one you have. Is not true, you will be able to find another way to make money. But if each day when you get home you have to worry about road rage and being shot because you didn’t give a person the lane that you are in, it’s time to look around for another place to live. It could be said that you’re running away from a problem that you should fix. I disagree. I think like our forefathers, you’re looking for a better way of life and you have to go out and find it, will not come to your front door.
If you are fortunate enough to have a large family then make that family your base or your world. No matter what is happening around you try to keep the nucleus of the family your world. It’s hard to move a whole family. So, if you can’t move gather together and watch out for each other. Make your family your new world and the area that you live in your area. I would agree that volunteerism is a good thing, but I think your attention should be towards that family. If you and your family are solid like a rock everything else will fall into place.
For that baby that’s being born this year the future is as bright as the future is ever been for any baby. Just because you may have had a rough start doesn’t mean that the future’s going to be a rough start. Enjoy what you have now surround yourself with the things that you like, make your own world.
If you’ve ever been to a big city you’ll find that there are areas like Chinatown or Little Italy. Places were those immigrants who found language a problem and their surroundings very challenging, found a way to make their own world. In that world, they could speak their native language enjoy the customs of their past and still be productive in today’s world.
For those young adults who were just leaving their home they will eventually want part of their past and their old world to be in their new world. The only way to do that is to make their own world. Live where there are people who do what you expect people to do. Maybe you come from an area were being rude is what you do every day and is normal. I think the East Coast is a good place to do that. Or go to a place that everybody can do what they want, maybe like San Francisco. Go to a place where people live in homes rather than apartments, go to Waco. Go to a place where everyone lives in an apartment in the city never sleeps, go to New York. Our nation is full of different environments and cultures. Find the one that fits your world expectations and make it your world.
The world we live in is full of good things and the way to keep it that way is to make your own world.

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