A lure of a different color.

I love to go fishing particularly for largemouth bass. My passion for fishing goes way back to when I was a child fishing for giant fish like sunfish or catfish. I fished the streams in the mountains of California and eventually when I moved to Texas and bought a house on a lake. I enjoyed fishing for largemouth bass white bass and catfish. So, through the years I gathered quite an extensive amount of fishing equipment.
Two days ago, while I was at the local meat market, which is run by a guy who loves to fish, there are a couple of fishermen talking about a particular lure that they just purchased. In the conversation one of the fishermen spoke about the use of different colors for lures in the different seasons of the year at the different depths of the water. In doing so he showed me a lure that had a same color pattern as a sunfish. The conversation was that, you need to change up the color during the different times of the year to be successful at catching largemouth bass.
Well the next morning, I went fishing and I headed out to my usual Lake and the location on the lake where I’ve caught bass before. I have a favorite lure which is called a rattletrap in the color of blue and silver. So, I started throwing my favorite lure at the areas where I could see the fish on my scope and even visibly seeing them hitting the surface for baitfish. When I wasn’t having much success, I thought about the conversation at the meat market. So, I looked in the area where I keep most of my equipment and I found a lure with that color combination that was spoken about the market. I put the lure on and threw it out and it was immediately hit as I brought it towards the boat. The fish flipped off the lure before it go to the boat. I threw the lure out again and once again it was hit. I threw it out a third time and was hit so hard that it broke the line. So, I went to the area where I keep my equipment, a tackle box kind of area, only to find out that I had four lures left and all of them were the rattletrap silver and blue lure. I was in shock. I had expected to see all this equipment that I bought through the years. But then I realized that as time had gone by, the equipment had started rusting so bad that I threw the pieces away a little at a time. I wasn’t paying attention to how much was left and so when I looked into the area where there should’ve been fishing lures, there were only four lures that were the same rattletrap silver and blue and pretty well beaten up from all the fish I caught on them on prior occasions.
Well, I knew it was time to go out and buy some new fishing equipment. But just like when I started looking at buying a new car recently, I went into kind of a sticker shock mode. Used to paying a dollar or two dollars for a lure I was now paying seven dollars for a lure. Rather than paying maybe 50 or $60 for rod and reel I was going to have to pay a minimum of $150-$400 for the same set up. And then I realize I needed more hooks sinkers and almost everything needed to go fishing. I don’t mean to complain about the equipment I had, most of it was over 30 years old and a just wore out. Kind of like when you have a favorite car that is been reliable for all those years and then it just starts falling apart one thing after another.
So, I have to buy some new equipment if I want to continue fishing and having fun. I know that is going to sound like a man thing to the women who read this blog. But I’m a man and that’s my thing. My thought is that there are many such shocking revelations coming to me. Like my air-conditioning units over 15 years old, my water heater is over 15 years old and my refrigerator is over 11 years old. My computers are also pretty old but they’re still working. You know in your mind everything is still fairly new and you don’t think about how long it’s been that you had the equipment. Even something as simple as a toaster has some kind of shelf life.
So, look around you and try to be prepared for the revelation that you’re out of lures and your fishing equipment as well as many other things is about to expire. Then work on a convincing argument to replace the equipment before breaks.

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