The press andthe President of the United States.

Like most baby boomers I watch the news. Anymore, it seems like there’s a news broadcast on 24 seven. I used to rely upon the major stations to give me a view of the news of the world. I trusted the news anchors in their editors to be fair and unbiased in their presentation of the national news.
In my opinion, I don’t know any major news station that appreciates the president. I have had to change the channel several times during the news hours to try to find a station that didn’t bash the president. It’s one thing to report the successes and failure of any president or administration. But it’s another thing when most of the news programs endorse policy of disapproval or even hatred of the president. The president went through an election process and won his time as the leader of our country. But if you would listen to the national news you would think that they would all stand up and cheer if the president were to just disappear or totally break down and leave the office. If the president does that then we all would share in the depression that would follow such an act.
For years I enjoyed watching CBS news and as I have retired and can take the time to wake up early and watch the news, I would start off at CBS this morning. But since the presidential campaign the three-person anchors seem to do nothing but bash the president. Nora really seems to hate the president. Gail seems to follow the lead of the other two while trying to bring a brighter light to show.
Charlie, who I had respected for years, now seems to join the team of people who want to bash the president. Maybe it’s just the editors of the show who feed the information through those anchors. Maybe just CBS and the editors hate the president. No matter what the reason have had to stop watching CBS this morning. I’m tired of the bullying style of news reporting. Once a week I try to watch the show again and once a week I am disappointed in the constant negative reporting by the show.
I’m sure that there are a lot of fans of the show out there, but it seems to me that the dislike and even hatred of the president is common in the major stations. Maybes because the press had gotten so used to the power they had over the Congress and the President in the past, that they feel entitled to tell the government what to do.
The news programs used to just report the news. But today, they seem to want to give their own comments and views on the news. Thereby showing their own biased and dislikes. I believe they should have those biased and dislikes but they should leave that at home and not bring it to the newscast. There are many people in this country especially around where I live, who quit watching the news because it is so negative.
I believe that the news is a way for me to get information that is necessary to continue in life. All I ask is that the news stations report just the news and not their opinions. I know I have the power not to watch the program. And that’s what I’m doing now. But I do miss the days when I could catch up on the world without the yellow style journalism and reporting that is on today’s program. I’m going to send this blog to one of the news agencies. I don’t expect them to respond but I do hope they take into consideration as they develop the next generation of news programs.
My thought is, the major stations have the responsibility of being professional and nonbiased in the reporting of the national news. With all the ways that I can get the news I have found that the least likely way is watching the major news broadcast.
Nora, Charlie, Gail I am asking you to go back to reporting the news without any biased or personal comments. I’m asking you to talk to the editors to change the style of news reporting and go back to reporting what is new and not giving us a slanted view of any story. Even though you lost this viewer I believe you still have the power to change the way the news is presented today. I know that your power comes from your viewers who are important to your sponsors who most time controls your editors.

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