Reading the instructions.

Why is it that men have such a hard time when it comes to reading the instructions on how to put some things together? I think back to all the years when I spent hours and hours trying to put together some toy on the night before Christmas. It was usually one of those plastic toys that was made in China and it had multiple pieces to put together. Even an American made bicycle that I purchased was in a box that required things to be put together. I would usually take the instructions out of the box with the toy and look at it for a minute or two and then I would set the instructions down and just go to put it together myself. I cannot tell you how many times I had to keep myself from cussing at a box. I would get it started and realized that I missed a process are misplaced the screw or bolt and then I would have to take it apart again and start all over. By the time I got into my 40s I started to look at the instructions but only after I tried to put it together myself and it didn’t work. Finally, in my 50s I began to look at the instructions but I wouldn’t read them I would just look at the pictures and try to put things together. Of course, by the time I’m in my life my kids are not at home and I’m trying to put together appliances or furniture that was bought at a box store and delivered to the house in that box. One thing that became very apparent to me was that I needed metric tools to be able to put the items together. I also had to educate myself on electrical systems. There’s nothing more awakening then to either be shocked by a wire or to plug the unit in and watch it start smoking.
I learned a lot from my dad about putting a car engine together. But obviously, I didn’t learn enough to do it correctly. So now I go to the Internet and watch YouTube’s. I still don’t want to read any blogger instruction but I don’t mind watching the videos. Now that I’m about to turn 70 I grab a set of glasses and said down and read the instructions. After years of trying to get computer programs to work and having to call somebody in India to try to help me get it started, I find that I will go to the Internet and read the instructions rather than to be irritated by a person who I find hard to understand.
I recently came in possession of a 1986, 15 inch would planner made by a company called Grizzly. This planner was built in 1986 in Taiwan. But because it’s so old that the company put the manual on the Internet and I could both read the instructions and look at the pictures to get it to work.
I used to hate to ask for instructions or directions when I was driving. I would open a large map and when I could figure it out I would unfold the map and look at it. Then I would try to refold the map which never really worked. Because I always felt that I knew the different between North, South, East and West I could find my way anywhere. Eventually, I would stop at a gas station or convenience store and asked the guy from India for directions to my destination. More frustrating than talking to the guy from India is talking to a guy or gal from the local area whose ideal of directions is something like this. “Just go down to where the Piggly Wiggly was and turn left until you get to where the old courthouse was and you can see it from there”.
What’s even worse is that once when my son was coming in to an airport in Houston I headed out and ended up at the wrong airport. Rather than ask anybody for any instructions I realize that I was west of the location and I needed to go east. So, I spent about an hour, while my son waited at the airport, driving through some really terrible neighborhoods and eventually I got to the right freeway that led me to the right airport. After relating the story to my wife, she reminded me that we had On Star and all I had to do was push that little button and On Star personnel would’ve given me directions to the right airport.
Why do men have trouble reading the instructions are asking for directions? I really don’t know. I do know that I’m working on getting better at it.

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