Hello, this is Pops and I’m going to start blogging again. I have not been busy blogging because I’ve been so busy on the many projects that I self-started. When I first thought of retiring I thought I would probably sleep into the morning and stay up late at night watching TV. Well, the opposite happened. Now by 530 or 6 o’clock in the morning I am wide awake and ready to start my day. Usually, I’m going to bed at 9 PM every night. I find that after having my coffee I immediately get to work. I start by walking the dogs and then going to my shop to tackle the challenges of whatever project I’m on. I tell you of this because it relates to my thought of the day.
Today is my 25th wedding anniversary and probably as you heard other people say, I can’t believe that time has raced by so quickly. No matter what age you are there will always be that awakening when you can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. Usually it’s when you see a relative or relative’s child after about two or three years of not seeing them. They’re growing up and they’re getting smarter. The term time just seems to fly suddenly seems real.
I met Gladys on November 18, 1988. We were set up in a blind date by a friend of ours, Leslie. Both of us had decline the invitation to meet several times before. I have been recently divorced and was not looking for anyone to be a part of my life. I had submerged myself into my work. As I’ve told many of you I enjoyed hunting the human. That is not to say that I hunted them like animals. But I hunted them in the sense that I had to use many techniques to achieve their arrest. I did not hunt to kill. But I hunted to put what I considered the “bad guys” in jail. Doing that kind of job produces a lot of adrenaline and it seemed that I was hooked on it. So, I had little or no time for a personal life. I was over two hours late to the restaurant where the blind date was set up at. I thought for sure, that everyone would’ve gone home. But, to my surprise they were all still there. Once I met Gladys I became infatuated by her.

From the time, we met we were inseparable. On June 25, 1992, we were wed in a hospital due my being involved in a head-on traffic accident. We had the ceremony in the hospital room and it was covered by all the major stations and newspapers in the Los Angeles area. I can still see the event as if it was yesterday. From the very first, both Gladys and I believe that it would never last. We thought the relationship was so hot that it would eventually cooldown. Both of us have strong personalities and the possibility of those personalities running into big problems would probably destroy the relationship. Well it didn’t, amazingly we do not argue and we both are still as much in love as in the beginning.

25 years ago, we were wed and then we went on to live life. We have moved over nine times since coming to Texas in 1993. And you would think that such activity would cause a lot of stress in a relationship. But somehow it just made it more fun. Each time we would do something we would call it a new adventure. Even though in those 25 years there been some great and bad moments amongst our families we as a couple I remain strong.
This takes me to my thought for today. The concept of time passing by so quickly. So how do you handle time? One of the ways that we handle time is by making the many anniversary dates. Like the day that you met or the day that a relative died. Maybe it’s the number of years you worked for a company. It seemed as a child the time drag so slowly. Summertime couldn’t get there fast enough that the school day really dragged on and on. Maybe you remember waiting for your driver’s license and thought the day would never come that you get your own car. While time goes by so slowly when you’re younger the reverse happens as you get older. Time just seems to fly by. When I’m sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room time does seem to go by slowly. But as soon as they diagnosed with cancer time seems to pick up and runs by quickly. I don’t know if that’s why I wake up so early so I can get as much done as possible during the time I have. I do not like to think about my death. I thought I would been gone a long time ago. I survived the war and the riots. I survived cancer and heart problems. Each of those events had its moments for time seemed to slow down. But overall time is just flying by. I have heard of the wisdom of making the most of every day. That is easy to say and not always accomplished. But time, seems to pick up speed as I get older.
The time I’ve had with my wife has been a very good time. I look at my children and now their children and I am amazed at how quickly time has gone by. Sometimes you set a goal that incorporates time. Maybe it’s the goal of graduating from school. Maybe is the goal of a position at your work. Don’t make it a goal of losing weight because time will show you that your weight will go up and down regardless of how much time you spend on. While working you can’t wait for vacation time and amazingly he can’t wait for vacation time to be over and you go back to work. 25 years is a long time if you’re at the beginning of that time era. But 25 years has gone by quickly and I am celebrating my wedding to Gladys.
I am concerned that I’m getting very old. There is no way you can say your 70 years old and have someone say oh you’re still very young. I know, it’s the quality of life that I’m living that should be the center of my attention. But I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that turning 70, or the 70th anniversary of my first birthday that does concern me.
Time is flying by, I am making the best of all the time I have. I hope that if time is flying by for you that means that you’re having a good life. Time may just be a concept that some scientists will be able to control in the future. But for now, time is on your side if you are happy and against you if you are sad.

I’m pops, I’m alive and I am celebrating 25 years of marriage to Gladys. I call her Petunia.

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